Opening Night

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Catch Up in Pursuit of 3rd Place

The author admits fault in a lack of updates. Life happens. You know what else happens? The SFRC don’t stop playing. The SFRC don’t stop competing. The quotes don’t stop getting logged. A few highlights over the past few weeks as life has happened….

Down 1 in the top of the 7th, Lars hit a […]

“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

The cool air was blowing in on Lac Lavon Field B. The SFRC have never had great results when the wind is blowing in the face of the batter. It was, however, sunny. There were 12 leaders ready to take on two games in the cool temperatures. This was the first games of the year […]

SFRC In the Win Column

Numbers DO lie.

Whilst it may be obvious, it cannot go unmentioned. In cases where the weather calls for rain, numbers DO lie. The weather was PERFECT. Sure the forecast stated 100% chance of rain. Why wouldn’t it? The radar showed the weather pattern moving towards Burnsville and significant rain was part along […]

All Things Are Approaching Normal

As mentioned in “2013 – Strange Year,” it was only a matter of time. All things SFRC were due to get back to normal. on June 5, 2013 at 4:30pm it did not look promising. The clouds were thick. The rain was coming down hard. It looked like the second week in a row for […]

July 16 (1-1) – Staying near .500

A brilliant night for two softball games and bag balm. At 7:15pm, 45 minutes prior to opening pitch it was 90 degrees and humid. The SFRC had 12 players on hand and three fans. A somewhat typical 4 to 1 player to fan ratio showed up to watch two thrashings. As the saying goes….”Sometimes your […]