Opening Night

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All Things Are Approaching Normal

As mentioned in “2013 – Strange Year,” it was only a matter of time. All things SFRC were due to get back to normal. on June 5, 2013 at 4:30pm it did not look promising. The clouds were thick. The rain was coming down hard. It looked like the second week in a row for […]

The Streak Ended

The table was set. It was Mrs. H out at 8pm. Roughly 67 degrees and partly cloudy, which obviously means, mostly clear. We received late warning from Cinco that he had a higher priority than Schlitz Gusto Guy softball on this night. After calling AAA Las Vegas (Niehaus) and getting shutout before finally securing a […]

2011 Beginning / Sans 50th Birthday

2011 is officially underway. What better way to celebrate Sans’ 50th birthday than with a double header? None in this writer’s book. We have had a few changes to the roster since we last gathered to play an official game almost seven months ago. The FNG has moved into a super-sub role…Niehaus has moved West […]

Carl Pavano Night at SFRCMP

To wrap up the 2010 season of Schlitz Gusto Guy softball, we dedicated a night to Carl Pavano. Some Schlitz Gusto Guy players even went with the unnatural looking mustache. It certainly was a nice night to put an end to the 2010 season (not coincidentally on the eve of 2011 pre-season workouts). The temperature […]

Balm (Heat index of 106 degrees)

She was MIGHTY hot and humid in the afternoon. Around 4pm the“feels like” temperature was 106 degrees in the great SFRCMP area. According to an official Schlitz Gusto Guy car reading we had a temperature of 94 degrees at 5:15pm and still a balmy 91 degrees at 7:15pm.

The Schlitz Gusto Guys were more than […]