Opening Night

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2022 – Week 2

The forecast was sketchy at best for the week leading up to SFRC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT session Week #2. Do you know who was concerned about the weather? No one. The weather has never been a concern for the SFRC.

LEADERSHIP starts with good weather and as the day progressed […]

There is No Quit in the Gusto Guys

We’ve been waiting for a night like May 19th. It was “Mrs. H.” The temperature at game time was about 74 degrees and sunny, with very little breeze. May 19th is a good day for a few reasons. It is Kevin Garnett’s birthday. May 19, 2010 is the 6th anniversary of one of […]

Heads Held High After Going 0-2

After a Week #1 rainout (at Lac Lavon), we have seen nothing but nice weather at SFRCP (numbers don’t lie). We had 12 leaders ready to play ball on this evening that could only be described as Mrs. H.

Game #1 vs. The Replacements

The Replacements started with nine bodies and the FRC took advantage […]

Schlitz Beer Night (2-0, Numbers Don’t Lie)

Schlitz Beer Night!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 looked a little gloomy as the sun came up. It drizzled most of the morning, but as if Ma Nature new, she cleared up in the afternoon and was “Mrs. H” by 5pm. It was 69 degrees (second week in […]

A Gorgeous Night Wasted

In the world of softball weather, you can’t make up days any better than Wednesday, June 3, 2009. 69 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and an ever so faint breeze blowing out. It was simply a gorgeous night for two. “Mrs. H,” if you will.