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Schlitz Beer Night (2-0, Numbers Don’t Lie)

Schlitz Beer Night!

Schlitz Beer Night!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 looked a little gloomy as the sun came up.  It drizzled most of the morning, but as if Ma Nature new, she cleared up in the afternoon and was “Mrs. H” by 5pm.  It was 69 degrees (second week in a row) and sunny.  There was no wind.  A perfect night for two on the inaugural “Schlitz Beer Night.” 

Game #1 vs. Moose Knucklers

The ho-hum from last week’s experiment at Lac Lavon carried over to start the game.  The SFRC trailed early 6-2.  In the top of the 6th we plated three to close the gap to 6-5.  In the bottom of the 6th Moose Knucklers found a ball that would travel for a solo homerun to extend the lead to 7-5.  But as the FRC are wont to do, we put together a rally in the top of the 7th and scored six to take an 11-7 lead.  It was like a Mike Tyson upper-cut landed right on the Moose Knucklers’ chin.  They had no fight left in them and quickly went down 1-2-3 to end the game. 

Final score:   SFRC 11 – Moose Knucklers 7

Last out: ??

Plays of the game:

In the field: Ol’ number 35 took a throw from Matty in left-center and sent the relay almost over the dugout.      

At the plate: Leader, leader, leader in the top of the 7th on their way to six runs and the lead.

Game #2 vs. Booze Bros

The SFRC need to find a way to lock it down early.  We fell behind again giving up six runs in the top of the 1st inning.  If there is one thing that has been consistent over the years it is the fact that there is no quit in the FRC.  We answered with three runs of our own.  The game was back and forth for a couple more innings, until……The FRC pulled out an old trick and hit Booze Bros in the mind.  We got in their heads and they committed error after error.  We took advantage of the opportunity and jumped to a big lead.  We never looked back and the Booze Bros couldn’t regroup.

Final score:   SFRC 17 – Booze Bros 8

Last out: Pub Krull sliding into 3rd base

Plays of the game:

In the field:  Highlights all around. 

1.      Pub Krull with a running / diving catch five feet behind the second baseman

2.      Gimp getting leather on a line drive, then securing the out with his bare hand (not a play that is made in the < 30, one-armed league)

3.      Gimp charging a ball, scooping it barehanded and firing to first for the out

4.      35 somehow actually got a jump on a ball and dove to make a game-ending catch on a line drive.  No one on, two outs up nine in the top of the 7th?  That is CLUTCH.

At the plate:  Cinco launching a “no-doubter” for his first HR of the season.  Cinco has always been a “week before Flag day” kind of player.  Numbers don’t lie.    

Fans of the night:

Patsy and TO, per the norm.  Also, a VERY BIG shout out to our friends at Schlitz Beer.  The FRC are 2-0 with Schlitz onsite.  Numbers don’t lie.  We’d love to continue to pattern.  Win or lose we can commit to enjoying the fine taste of suds by Schlitz if it is available. 



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