Opening Night

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2022 – Weeks 3/4

Week 3: “If a tree falls in the forest….” The author was absent and updates were, dare I say, inadequate

  • Quick mention: Krull Jr, III made his debut with the SFRC.  

Week 4:  It was a splendid night for two.

Game 1: SKYLINE @ Schmidt Roofing

This group of softball players from Schmidt roofing has a storied past.  One nearly killed Pauly on the mound a couple of years ago on Neill E.  Luckily Burnsville escaped the second death on that field (true story).  SKYLINE FRC built an early lead scoring four runs in the first innings on a “Booty Bonds” GRANDSLAM.  We pushed another run in the second inning.  Schmidt roofing found another player to add to their roster that hit multiple balls up the middle, one buzzing somewhere between Pauly’s ear and the arm that went up when the ball hit grass in centerfield.  

Schmidt Roofing scratched and clawed their way back.  Back to back homeruns by 35 and Booty Bonds in the 6th created some space, but in the end, the SFRC took a step towards 3rd Place by losing on a walk-off 2-run homerun.

Game 2: Prestige Worldwide @ SKYLINE

Intentionally brief…You can win softball games by scoring 11 runs.  You cannot win many softball games giving up 26 runs.  SFRC didn’t have many errors, but Prestige brought more hits in the game than the past 10 games we have played against them combined.  Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit…. Loss.  

That is a big step towards 3rd Place.


2022 – Week 2

The forecast was sketchy at best for the week leading up to SFRC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT session Week #2.  Do you know who was concerned about the weather?  No one.  The  weather  has  never  been  a concern  for  the  SFRC.



LEADERSHIP starts with good weather and as the day progressed the weather improved.  To the surprise of no one, it was “Mrs. H” on the evening of Thursday, May 5, 2022.   

The Burnsville Chamber of Commerce has asked several times for pictures that depict the city in its best light.  While the images are owned by the SFRC LEADERS, recommendations have been made to get photographers out on any Thursday evening in the summer.


Game 1: Grey Ducks @ SKYLINE

The Grey Ducks brought a team of 27 players.  These players ranged from half-swing-chop 400 foot homerun hitters to “honey, I made contact tonight for the first time this season and the second baseman made the most incredible diving stop I have ever seen at any level.”  Despite striking out at least five times, the Grey Ducks scored 16 runs.  The SFRC scratched and clawed, but couldn’t get things going.  We will have to get in the film room and really analyze Kenny’s approach at the plate.  What we will find is:  See ball, swing hard, watch the ball fly.  Another two homeruns for the LEADER of LEADERS.  CHill had the unfortunate luck of smoking a line drive at second base that pegged Brain in the shoulder despite his best efforts to go Matrix-style and avoid it.  It was also great to have Travis “Trevor” Potter make his season debut.  Pauly was painting the corners and Grey Ducks acted like it was slow pitch softball and hit the ball all over the field.

Final score: Grey Ducks 16 – SKYLINE 9.

Game 2: SKYLINE @ Quality Flow

The runs… THE RUNS.  Lots of players touching the dish from both dugouts.  Quality Flow was apparently down a player from a Game 1 injury.  We were late to start, but played a solid six innings.  With only nine defenders, the SFRC broke out their paint brushes and turned SFRCMP into their canvas.  The lineup may as well have read: PICASSO, PICASSO, PICASSO, PICASSO…

The SFRC scored multiple runs in every inning, including scoring four…check that, 13 runs in the second inning.  The 13 run inning at the plate was followed by a quick 1-2-3 inning in the field.  There is not enough ink on the internet to talk about the hitting prowess of this game.  Pub Krull 5-5.  Pete 5-5 (including hitting for the cycle).  Kenny 5-5.  Brain 4-4 with a walk.  In fact, the top five LEADERS went 23-24 combined with 12 singles, 6 doubles, 3 triples, 2 HRs and a walk.  Who got out?  Yep, #35.  The scouting report said hitting it down and hard to 3B would get the batter on, but not that time.  

23-24…Let’s break that down as it is truly amazing.

Avg: 0.958….. SLG%: 1.1708….. TB: 41

As a TEAM, the LEADERS were fantastic. CHill may have broke the SS hand with a line drive. As a team we were 32-49 (Avg: 0.653), SLG% 1.102. Incredible.

Respect for Quality Flow who simply didn’t quit.  If a team hits their way to 22 runs, you would assume they would win.  Not in Game 2.  Not against the SFRC.  Final Score: SKYLINE 29 – Quality Flow 22.

NOTE: Expect a rainout on May 12, 2022.  Whilst it doesn’t usually happen, it has happened at least twice when #35 isn’t available / out of town.

This is what SFRCMP looked like after the 9pm game. Two words: PICASSO WAS HERE

2022 – Week 1 First Pitch

It’s been a rough Minnesota spring.  It feels like we have had nary a day at 60+ degrees.  The Week #1 forecast looked miserable on your favorite Apple or Android app.  45-50 degrees with an 80% chance of rain for most of the days leading up to First Pitch.  

The reality is that the SFRC Almanac (akin to the Farmer’s Almanac) has been in existence longer (established ~1995) than any smartphone application (first apps downloaded in ~2008).  With an established history of more than 25 years, numbers don’t lie.  We played in 50+ degree weather and not a drop of moisture from Mother Nature.  Not in Burnsville.  Not on Leadership Development night.  Not on our watch.

There was a brisk wind blowing balls around (and making some pop flies interesting too) on Lac Lavon Field F.  

How do we remember which is Field F?

  • “Why the F would you pitch to the best hitter in the league with one out in the 7th inning of a shutout?”
  • “F was that ball hit far.”

Game 1: Burnsville Braves @ SKYLINE

The SFRC started strong in the field locking down the young lads bringing back the 1998 Burnsville Braves names in the top of the first inning.  And, as we know how to answer by plating two runs in the bottom of the first. 

The Burnsville Braves 3B made an early season push for the always coveted “3B of the Year” award making several nice plays in the field.

The Burnsville Braves fought with good hearts, but the LEADERS scored in all but one inning securing the win 10-7.  Kenny went deep TWICE in the teeth of the wind (hit two homeruns too).  “You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first.”

Game 2: SKYLINE @ Prestige Worldwide

It’s always a fun game against Prestige Worldwide.  Starting at the dish, the SFRC led the game off with: SINGLE, WALK, SINGLE, SINGLE.  After a couple of outs, the lineup didn’t quit and put a couple more SINGLES in play to score four runs in the top of the first.  Prestige Worldwide felt the pressure and quickly were shutout in their half of the first.  – Wait, who got the first out?  Oh, leadoff.  Focker.

After a relatively pedestrian second inning scoring one run, the middle and bottom of the order caught fire and pushed four more runs in the third inning.  Two more in the fifth and sixth inning created the needed runs to secure a 13-5 victory.  Homeruns by Young Brandon and 35 and several nice plays be Brain at 3B (see 3B of the Year) and Kurty at SS.  Also very solid film by CHill in LF as he caught a few line drives.

Bench Player of the Week: Al Meinke, AKA “SANS”

2021- Week 2

Fresh off a 2-0 start, the SFRC were ready for two more on a wonder night for two softball games.

Two softball games on Lac Lavon Field E. We know it is Field “E” because:

  • Everybody hits homeruns
  • Evaluations (see the summer of 1995)

Game 1 vs. Boys 2 Men:

Boys 2 Men were born AFTER Ol’ #35 started playing softball in Burnsville for the SFRC. The youngins’ were fast and had good arms. There is no doubt they have made it a habit to take the extra base and throw runners out trying to advance.

They also might have been just young enough to overlook the SFRC.

They scored three, we scored four, they scored five, we scored zero, they scored zero, we scored six, they scored five, we scored zero, they scored one, we scored four….It was back and forth. In the top of the 6th (last inning due to time), they scored two runs to take a two run lead.

The SFRC answered with two of there own. A tough, but accurate, call at the plate was the difference in ending the game as a win or a tie.

Result: 20-20 tie.

Again, every LEADER had at least one hit and Memphis Nate and STEVE STEVE STEVE both went 4-5. Memphis Nate hit a ball about 50 feet up on the third spruce back behind the fence.

Game 2 vs. AV American Leagion

AV American Legion looked like a mix of teams from past years.  They were either filling in, or have combined.  Mergers is one way to grow / build a team.  The SFRC has gone the route of Acquisitions.  To each their own, I guess.

The SFRC started slow and getting shutout in the first inning, whilst AV American Legion plated six.  It was an uphill battle all game.  Ultimately, the SFRC has knowledge that we do NOT want to finish in 1st Place and did our best to accept our first defeat of the year with our chins up.

Final score: SFRC 9 – AV American Legion 18


2021 – First Balm

The 2021 SFRC season kicked off on schedule. Most LEADERS have been vaccinated. On game day the MN Department of Health and CDC said masks were not needed for outdoor sports.

The SFRC won their league last year and were forced to move up a division. It is worth mentioning that we did not run away with the league. We may have had eight walk-off wins, which are fun, but certainly doesn’t imply domination. This is also the time to mention we had two walk off GRAND SLAMS (Memphis Nate and Hunter Youngin’). We also had a walk off HR by STEVE STEVE STEVE in 2020.

Game 1 vs. CC Boys:

With Pauly on the bump, we gave up the shutout early by allowing one run in the top of the 1st. The SFRC LEADERS don’t let those things get in the way of their own hits and runs as we scored four in the bottom of the 1st, including a HR by Memphis Nate.

The SFRC scored in all but one inning on their way to a 14-5 win. Every LEADER got a hit in the first game of the year and STEVE STEVE STEVE drove in 5 runs. Scoring 14 runs on 19 hits feels like a decent run:hit ratio.

Las Vegas odds suggest CC Boys are working to move down a league.

One word: Mid-season form.

Game 2 vs. MN Wolf Pack:

I believe it is safe to say the MN Wolf Pack took to LL Field D (“D” for “Duh, where am I?”) with an abundance of confidence.  They wore their fancy uniforms proud and could taste victory based on age and uniform coordination. 

The SFRC jumped on them early.  Ol’ #35 hit a clutch HR in the top of the 1st with no one on and two outs (dumb).  STEVE STEVE STEVE, Kurty, Memphis Nate, Robert and Chris P all followed by reaching base and driving in runs.  Quick 4-0 lead heading into the bottom of the 1st.  The MN Wolf Pack came back with three of their own.

To plagiarize a line from Trent Tucker “What the SFRC do is, use their ‘VETERANESS'” and scored every inning.  4-1-1-1-2-4-2 = 15 total runs and held the MN Wolf Pack to 10.  That’s a 15-10 win if you are scoring at home.

CP and Pauly lead the way going 4-4 and 3-3 respectively.  

2021 starts off 2-0.

The only downside of the first week of 2021 is that we were shutout on the quote page. That might be a first. LARS – Do you still have your uniform?