Opening Night

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2023 Fall Final Regular Season (Split)

The SKYLINE softball team continued their trend of splitting double-headers, with the fifth in a row being no exception. Pub Krull showcased his lightning-fast speed, reminiscent of Austin Krull III, Jr., as he beat out three infield hits, leaving the opponents in awe of his natural talent.

Meanwhile, ol’ #35 left his mark by smacking four home runs, taking advantage of some favorable weather conditions. These power hits were a significant factor in the team’s success. Kenny, as reliable as ever, pitched two stellar games, demonstrating his pitching mastery of pitching and fielding off the bump.

The outfielders CHill and Robert displayed their superior skills, making impressive catches and preventing runs. Additionally, the infield turned some incredible double plays thanks to the teamwork of Kurty, Potter (Travis), and Potter (Steve), showcasing their defensive prowess.

Following the intense games, the team gathered for a well-deserved cookout, relishing the taste of victory and strengthening their bonds off the field.

A humorous note to the day was Al (#0) making a fashionably late entrance at 6:14 pm, seemingly just to ensure he wouldn’t be asked to play, adding a lighthearted touch to the day’s events.



August 24, 2023 – Recap

In a thrilling softball double-header, SKYLINE, a team of LEADERS, demonstrated their prowess on the field. The first game was a triumph, with SKYLINE asserting their dominance early by scoring an impressive six runs in the opening inning. Their momentum continued, and the 4th inning showcased their strength with another nine runs, including a remarkable lead-off home run by player #35. The final score of 20-12 solidified their well-deserved victory.

In the second game, SKYLINE faced a formidable opponent whose pitcher showcased an arsenal of impressive curveballs. Despite their best efforts, our team fell short, experiencing a 20-8 loss.

Amidst the action, a standout moment occurred when c64 executed a remarkable stretch to scoop a ball without even looking – a play that captured the essence of teamwork and determination.

The games unfolded on a beautiful weather night, providing the perfect backdrop for the intense competition and camaraderie on display. It’s important to note that Kenny, a key player, was absent for both games, which could have had an influence on the team dynamics and outcomes

Tryouts, Practice, Website, Quote Page, Name Change, Film Room…..AI!

Several decades ago, the SFRC held tryouts (“we have enough, but if you want to show up, I’ll try to get you an at-bat or two.”).  They had practices (“cut two!”).  We advanced by introducing a website (  We changed our name for a year (“After 23 seasons as SKYLINE…”).  We took a leap to add a Film Room.  This was years, maybe a decade ahead of other teams.  With the film room we have the ability to learn and critique plays of the past (bases clearing single).  We added the highly popular quote page.  It’s truly an honor to be recognized here.  

There was a time when Al stopped wearing the Airforce 1’s.  It was time.  Now, it is time for 3-5 to hand over the weekly recaps to AI.  

And…..GO ChatGPT:

In a thrilling baseball game, Greg Krull stepped up to the plate with determination. With the bases loaded, he swung with all his might and sent the ball soaring over the outfield wall. The crowd erupted in cheers as the grand slam brought in not only Greg himself but also his two sons, who were on the bases. The Krull family was in celebration mode!

As the game continued, Greg Krull’s second at-bat proved just as momentous. This time, with two runners on base, he connected with the ball once again, sending it flying over the outfield fence. The three-run home run extended his team’s lead and had the fans on their feet once more.

The SKYLINE team maintained their strong performance throughout the game, racking up runs to secure a 16-12 victory. Greg’s incredible display of power hitting undoubtedly played a pivotal role in their win. His two home runs, one a grand slam and the other a three-run shot, left a lasting memory in the hearts of both the fans and his family. It was a day of triumph for the Krull family and a true highlight in the history of SKYLINE baseball.

2023 – The Race to 3rd Place

It’s probably time to continue to advance the SFRC technology.  This would be something like Chat GPT writing weekly recaps.  They can’t be worse then the historic author.

Stats and quotes have been updated as of June 21, 2023.

2022 – Weeks 3/4

Week 3: “If a tree falls in the forest….” The author was absent and updates were, dare I say, inadequate

  • Quick mention: Krull Jr, III made his debut with the SFRC.  

Week 4:  It was a splendid night for two.

Game 1: SKYLINE @ Schmidt Roofing

This group of softball players from Schmidt roofing has a storied past.  One nearly killed Pauly on the mound a couple of years ago on Neill E.  Luckily Burnsville escaped the second death on that field (true story).  SKYLINE FRC built an early lead scoring four runs in the first innings on a “Booty Bonds” GRANDSLAM.  We pushed another run in the second inning.  Schmidt roofing found another player to add to their roster that hit multiple balls up the middle, one buzzing somewhere between Pauly’s ear and the arm that went up when the ball hit grass in centerfield.  

Schmidt Roofing scratched and clawed their way back.  Back to back homeruns by 35 and Booty Bonds in the 6th created some space, but in the end, the SFRC took a step towards 3rd Place by losing on a walk-off 2-run homerun.

Game 2: Prestige Worldwide @ SKYLINE

Intentionally brief…You can win softball games by scoring 11 runs.  You cannot win many softball games giving up 26 runs.  SFRC didn’t have many errors, but Prestige brought more hits in the game than the past 10 games we have played against them combined.  Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit…. Loss.  

That is a big step towards 3rd Place.