Opening Night

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First Balm After Lockout

July. Our first double-header was in July. You read that correctly. July. July 9th, 2020. No one could have imagined COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the Burnsville D/E Red softball league. Mother Nature was not informed as we have been staring at beautiful weather on Thursday from the LEADER’S respective lockdown locations since mid-April.

How do we know it is softball season? This fan was watching the game before us.

Someone paid to have this shirt made

The SFRC were ready. Safe on an error, out, single, walk, single and the SFRC plated three in the top of the 1st inning. The good start was followed by a three pitch bottom of the inning by Pauly. The SFRC scored one in the second and shutdown Suicide Squad in a quick bottom of the second. The top of the third was started by a single, F7, safe on an error and then Memphis Nate (FNG) delivered a 2 x RBI triple and STEVE STEVE STEVE drove him in with a single of his own. Pauly was on fire on the bump shutting them down in the bottom of the third to continue to shutout. The SFRC pieced together a run in the top of the fourth. The Suicide Squad launched two x 2-run homeruns in the bottom of the fourth to threaten the Fighting Red C’s of Skyline, but we have been here before and delivered three runs in the top of the fifth.

Final Score: SFRC 11 – Suicide Squad 6

Last out: Pub Krull

As we have said before, you can’t win them both if you don’t win the first.

Good ol’ D&T. They were missing the shortstop who threw a bat past first base last year after ending a game with a pedestrian ground out to short. This is a scrappy team with veterans and youngsters. Kenny and Memphis Nate went deep (hit homeruns too). Pub Krull and Kenny both finished the game 4-4. Runs were scored in every inning, but D&T simply couldn’t keep up with the SFRC.

Memphis Nate – Learning the Quote Page

Final Score: SFRC 19 – D&T 13

Last out: Memphis Nate (we will take the beer holder until try-outs are complete)

A Thrashing and Hustling to Make it Close

The weather was cool, but the sun was out at Alimagnet A. It was a nice night for two, per the norm.

Game 1: Glory Days vs. SFRC

As the home team we did what LEADERS do and shut down the heart of Glory Days’ order by allowing exactly zero runs. Unfortunately, after a couple of hits we were not able to plate any on the good half of the inning either. Luckily the SFRC defense continued. This time we answered their zero with three runs to take a 3-0 lead. After making quick work with defense, the SFRC bats came alive. 35 hit a single. Kenny answered with a “no-doubter” homerun. C20, Marky Mark, Robert, CHill and Pauly all reached base and Potter drove in a runner. Pub Krull showed us his nice SAC and Pete restarted a rally before 35 killed it, but not before the SFRC had scored six runs to take a 9-0 lead. After allowing two meaningless runs on defense, the bats picked up where they left off scoring another seven runs to make sure the result was set.

To the film room we go…

Final Score: Glory Days 3 – SFRC 19

Game 2: SFRC vs. Shanty Town

The SFRC bats were ready to start this game plating four runs in the top of the 1st. Shanty Town can hit as well and answered with two runs in the bottom of the 1st. After scoring one run in the top of the 2nd, Shanty Town found all kinds of grass en route to an eight run inning to take a 10-5 lead. The game was back and forth for a couple of innings before Shanty Town threw another six down to take a 19-8 lead heading into the top of the 6th (and final) inning. The top of the 6th inning was almost one for the ages. Pete = single, 35 = single, Kenny = double, c20 = walk, Marky Mark = single, Robert = single, CHill = FC / RBI, Pauly = reaches safely, Potter = single, Krull = reaches base, Pete = single, 35 = HR and then somehow, someway, that was it, but the SFRC scored 12 times and had the lead…20-19.

Unfortunately, Shanty Town found a little daylight and plated two to win the game in the bottom of the inning. This was a fun back and forth game with lessons to be learned all around. Lesson 1: Never count the SFRC out of a game.

Final Score: SFRC 20 – Shanty Town 21

2019 Opening Pitch (with Meat Tray)

Two weeks into April, 2019 it did not look good to start the season on April 25th. There was snow, rain and cold weather. The SFRC needed the snow to melt and the fields to dry out to be able to open their season as scheduled.

And the softball Gods listened.

April 25, 2019 was Mrs. H. 70 degrees and mostly sunny. A slight breeze that was shifting directions throughout the night and Neill B, aka “SFRCMP Away” was ready!

Game 1: SFRC vs. Portland Orange (6PM…meaning, 6PM, CENTRAL TIME)

There were concerns that we wouldn’t have a game as we didn’t see a single opposing player until 5:50pm when we saw all 14 players show up on the bus that had parked in Pauly’s spot well past Neill B. Lars was there (see quote page) and ready to step up to help the SFRC field 10 players.

With Pub Krull on the bump to start the game we had “MATTY, NO ONE… TOP! Play’s at 1B!” Mid-season form and with a team we had never played we had ALL NEW MATERIAL!

We gave up one run in the top of the 1st, but answered when Steve went deep on his first swing of the year, hitting a HR as well. And the SFRC were off an running with a 3-1 lead. The SFRC bats were just getting started. Everyone who had an AB had at least one hit. C20 managed FIVE hits and Pete touched home five times. All he does is score runs. Krull put it on lock own over the next several inning allowing only five runs for the game (not all earned).

After validating that we did, in fact, play at 6pm on Neill B, “LEADER in training,” Pauly made his SFRC debut in the 5th inning. Welcome aboard.

Final Score: SFRC 23 – Portland Orange 5

Game 2: Creative Care Auto vs. SFRC

Game #2 of the evening was a much more competitive game. We plated one run in the top of the 1st and CCA matched with one of their own. The uneventful second inning left the score 1-1. In the top of the 3rd, Pauly reached first which woke up the SFRC bats. Kenny, Pub Krull, Pete and 35 followed with singles and Steve, C20 and Marky Mark made sure everyone scored on our way to a five run inning and a 6-1 lead. The game went back and forth over the next few innings as Pauly and Krull switched from P to RC and back. Heading into the 7th inning the SFRC and CCA were tied 16-16. Robert led off the inning and seven batters later Ol’ 35 made the first out. The hits kept coming and the SFRC kept crossing home. 10 runs laters, we had a 26-16 lead. CCA plated three uneventful runs and the SFRC locked down the three outs they needed for the win.

I believe the official scorebook has Pub Krull with the Win and Save. Possibly a SFRC “first.”

Final Score: Creative Care Auto 19 – SFRC 26

Fan of the Night: Susan. We have had one night of softball and I’m going to be honest, it will be difficult for anyone to claim the “Fan of the Year” spot after Susan brought a meat tray and cupcakes.

Opening Night

The LEADER of LEADERS (Al / Sans / 0) has signed up the SFRC for the Thursday night “Usually Blessed, Sometimes Cursed” league in Burnsville. Film sessions are in full swing. Pub Krull is working on new attire for the summer of 2019 and jersey number requests have been made.

Check the countdown timer on the left to see how many days/hours/seconds left until first pitch!

2018 Underway

The 2018 SFRC softball season was delayed by one week due to “poor field conditions” as determined by the official Senior Manager of Southwest District Field Conditions.  That may have been for the best as it has enabled the Skyline Fighting Red C’s to play on May 24, 2018.  Note: We were not able to have official tryouts this year as some of the SFRC faithful remember fondly.  “Cut two on this!”  “Let’s throw over to one!”  “You have to stay down on that ball!”  (get your glove dirty too).

When the season did kick off, we saw the typical SFRC weather.  Mrs. H for three straight weeks.  The good guys have started the season off 2-4.  Do not let that record discourage you.  2018 has started off as a record setting year for the quote page.

WEEK 01 was at SFRCMP (A/B).  By far the best fields in the state.  SFRC Memorial Park is consistently ranked as a Top 5 field Nationally and a Top 2 field in the Midwest.

Game 1 resulted in a 6-16 loss to IDK.

Game 2 went the say of the LEADERS with a solid 16-14 win.  Kenny may or may not have gone deep (and hit a HR too).  Since the rules state you do not have to run the bases on a HR, Kenny decided to take his glory midway between home and first base.  Apparently pulling a hip muscle, but the celebration was effective.  Nice work 2-7.  I’m in for new material.

There was a strong showing by dedicated fans Patsy and guest.  She may have been without her red horn, but contributed in countless other ways (see quote page).  There were not just one or two solid quotes.  It takes more than attendance to be voted “FAN OF THE YEAR.”  It takes participation, energy and a five minute “hit record” run that only Lars and potentially Kenny was capable of challenging.  Ladies and gentleman, we have an early candidate for “FAN OF THE YEAR!”

Week 02 had the LEADERS playing on Alimagnet A for two games.  One of only three weeks the team bus was not needed between games.  We were able to a Leadership Development Program virgin to help us out on this pleasant evening.  We were missing a couple of LEADERS including Kenny and Potter and Matty due to injury and travel.  Not only do we miss their playing ability, we certainly miss the quotes.

The downside of Week 02 games is that we have one less week to play softball in the summer.  The good news is that the anticipation and anxious energy built up over eight plus months of cold has quickly transformed into routine.  “It’s a good night for two!”

Game 1  vs. Muddy Chicken ended in a 6-10 loss for the LEADERS.  Ol’ 3-5 had to manage right field as our very own #3 was unavailable.  That always brings interesting results.  Final Score:  SFRC 6 – Muddy Chicken 10.

Game 2 vs. Klamms Scrappers was humbling.  The LEADERS took it on the chin.   We lost the game 9-18 too.  Final Score:  SFRC 9 – Klamms Scrappers 18.

In a night it felt like the SFRC could go 2-0, we ended 0-2.  All was not lost, as the quote page grew throughout the evening.  Because we didn’t travel from Alimagnet A, we stayed to discuss the hottest of life’s topics on the third base line.  In other words, not the location of Lars “I ought to come down here and run my doodle” quote,  nor the location of the “Sans turns 50” celebration including meat trays and cupcakes.

Week 03 Required the SFRC to dig into the Rolodex of candidates for our Leadership Development Program.  We had solid help from Marky Mark, Robert and Gavin.  The wind was mighty on Lac Lavon A and B.  That helped the pitching hand of Gavin and his knuckleballs.

Game 1 vs. T-Ball was Full brought the best the SFRC had to offer.  The first four batters (C-20, Pete, 35, Kenny) reached and two runs were on the board.  The floodgates opened in the second with all 12 LEADERS batting on the way to six runs.  The third inning produced three more runs.  The four inning notched another three runs including a wind-aided HR by 35 (note, said batter completely forgot to yell about a sore hip).  The LEADERS continued to do what we do which add more hits and more runs.  Before the game was called due to time, the SFRC had plated an additional six runs.  Final Score:  SFRC 20 – Tee Ball was Full 8.

Game 2 vs. Apple Valley Legion was a back and forth game.  After shutting down the opposition to start the game, the SFRC picked up where they left off and scored seven, including a HR by Gavin.  The second inning showed the kink in the LEADERS armor as we gave up four runs and couldn’t produce any runs at the plate.  The game was close throughout and in the end, the SFRC simply didn’t have enough.  Final Score: Apple Valley Legion 18 – SFRC 15

It feels good to be playing softball again.  We are 3-3 on the beer holder, meaning everyone has a spot for their canned water.

Finally, and as a reminder, while it wasn’t fun to miss out on the start of the season.  That late snowfall has gifted us two games TONIGHT!  WE’RE READY, RED!!