Opening Night

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Another Split – See You Thursday

Mrs. H, per the norm.

Game #1 vs. H-Bombs

I may have just dislocated my hip typing the team “H-Bombs.” No explanation needed.

The game started with H-Bombs getting an early boost from another HR by Davis. How did this happen. This guy popped out to the third base dugout three times in the first […]

Let’s Play Two (Per the Norm)

No surprise here, the forecast didn’t look good. The rain was coming. However, the softball weather Gods anticipated such an event and scheduled the SFRCGG for Lac Lavon on June 22, 2011. Why? Take a look at the forecast. The SFRCGG were scheduled to play at 6pm and 7pm. We did just that and when […]

Never a Doubt

There were quite a few environmental factors involved for the June 15th double header. Let’s start with the forecast. She had been moist for 28+ straight hours. However, the Schlitz Gusto FRC Guys were never worried. They were never afraid of a rainout. It simply doesn’t happen in the SFRC’s world. We had a small […]

Season Goal: Third Place

Game #1 vs. Celt’s Pub

Celt’s Pub is the top team in the league and they were looking to add to that lead by beating up on the SFRCGG. Unfortunately for them, we had other plans. We scored four runs in the first inning to take an early 4-2 lead. Celts Pub didn’t quit and […]

The Streak Ended

The table was set. It was Mrs. H out at 8pm. Roughly 67 degrees and partly cloudy, which obviously means, mostly clear. We received late warning from Cinco that he had a higher priority than Schlitz Gusto Guy softball on this night. After calling AAA Las Vegas (Niehaus) and getting shutout before finally securing a […]