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Never a Doubt

There were quite a few environmental factors involved for the June 15th double header.  Let’s start with the forecast.  She had been moist for 28+ straight hours.  However, the Schlitz Gusto FRC Guys were never worried.  They were never afraid of a rainout.  It simply doesn’t happen in the SFRC’s world.  We had a small pre-game BBQ to start off this nice evening.  As you can see to the right, it didn’t look good.  Or did it?  Take a closer look and you will see that the chance of precipitation drops from 64% all day to 21% for the 8pm and 9pm games.  Shocked?  No.  Surprised?  No.  Numbers don’t lie.

As further proof, you can see the shadows and the sun shining on SFRCMP Away 30 minutes before our first pitch.  Get your sunglasses out, we’ve got two to play!

We have stated it before and we’ll state it again.  The SFRCGG do not get rained out on Wednesday nights.  It simply doesn’t happen.  I’m pretty sure you can check the Farmer’s Almanac to verify.


Another environmental factor we were faced with on June 15th, 2011 was the “retro hill.”  We have not seen SFRCMP Away this unkempt since the late 70’s.  A welcome change for 2’s.  This was clearly going to be a night for the SFRCGG’s.

Game #1 vs. H-Bombs

This game was back and forth throughout.  We had some very nice plays, like CW catching a ball over his shoulder like a wide receiver.  This may have been the catch of the year.  Matty went back to get a few as well.  #35 missed a hard one-hopper that would have been an easy triple play in the first inning.  The SFRC scored two in the first, four in the third and then pushed five in the fifth.  The defense came through when it needed to on the way to a victory.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 11 – H-Bombs 8

A couple of highlights…

CW goes middle:

CW goes middle from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Nate doubles to right:

Nate double to right from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Last out: Mr. Clutch (#35)

Game #2 vs. Beer Me

As we have mentioned previously, Beer Me is a new and improved squad over the 2010 version.  Heading into this game we were 1-1 against Beer Me in 2011.  In the last meeting the Schlitz Gusto Fighting Red C Guys pushed 23 runs.  To start this game Brain suggested it would take 24 runs to win.  It did not look good early.  The SFRC had not scored through two innings.  However, the last five innings were a completely different story.  We scored four in the third, six in the fourth, four in the fifth and three in the sixth.  We were up 10 heading into the bottom of the 6th inning.  Give Beer Me credit.  They did not roll over and quit.  They pushed 10 in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game.  I think they were trying to stall as we were cutting it close on time.  I believe they thought they were going to take the lead.  However, the SFRC may bend, but we will not break.  As umps on SFRCMP have learned, do not give us extra time.  We were not looking to score one or two runs.  The SFRC got after it in the top of the 7th inning scoring nine runs.  We had 10 of the first 11 batters in the inning got hits.  10 of 11.  The 12th batter reached on an error.  We allowed one harmless runner to score in the bottom of the 7th to secure the win.

Highlights of this game included Beer Me yelling age-discriminating banter towards Lars having the left-fielder come in a few steps.  Lars calmly winked at the pitcher and proceeded to launch a ball that one-hopped the fence.   The only regret is that we do not have video of this hit.

In this game six leaders had six at-bats.  The other four leaders (who played) had five at-bats.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 26 – Beer Me 18

Last out: Cinco

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