Opening Night

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2013 – Strange Year

In 18’ish years of SFRC softball I think we have had less than five games rained out. It is a well documented fact that the weather is perfect on Wednesday evenings in Burnsville during softball season. Something happened in 2013 that has ripped the pages out of the Farmer’s Almanac. Week #1 was cancelled due […]

Never a Doubt

There were quite a few environmental factors involved for the June 15th double header. Let’s start with the forecast. She had been moist for 28+ straight hours. However, the Schlitz Gusto FRC Guys were never worried. They were never afraid of a rainout. It simply doesn’t happen in the SFRC’s world. We had a small […]

It Can Happen (0.0024% Chance)

It was another fine night of fall weather to participate in one of the greatest sports on earth. We were playing on SFRCMP for the first time in two weeks, given the unprecedented rainout the previous week.

Game #1 vs. Goodfella’s

It was a tough day in the sun. The ball seemed to be […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

With the dress rehearsal behind us we were ready to play ball! We had a couple long time FRC faithful bow out for reasons we will not address. This left the FRC roster depleted. We were scrambling to find an able body. FNG Ryan came through with a call to […]