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2013 – Strange Year

MonsoonIn 18’ish years of SFRC softball I think we have had less than five games rained out.  It is a well documented fact that the weather is perfect on Wednesday evenings in Burnsville during softball season.  Something happened in 2013 that has ripped the pages out of the Farmer’s Almanac.  Week #1 was cancelled due to snow.  It has rained every Wednesday since that first cancellation, with the exception of one.  This is new for the SFRC squad and it shows.  We invested in a film room and a website, but we have not invested in technology to present varying weather conditions on our practice field.  It has never mattered.  It has never been needed.  The weather has always been nice.  This has changed in 2013 and this may lead to some new investments in the near future.

Long Haul BomberIn addition to all of the moisture in the form of rain on game days for the SFRC in 2013, we have had unseasonably cold temperatures.  We sniffed 70 degrees one week, the others have been 60 degrees or cooler.  Generally speaking 60 degrees is still warm enough to enjoy a double header.  When it starts to approach 50 degrees or less, danger lingers.  Not added danger to any leaders, but danger to weapons in the arms of the leaders.  Our beloved Long Haul Bomber will be buried in left center of SFRCMP later this fall.

Are the spirits down?  Somewhat.  Are the spirits broken?  NOT POSSIBLE.  Things are looking up.  The weather is going to get back to SFRC “normal.”  How do we know this?  We have 18 years of “veteran-ness” (as Trent Tucker would say) playing in the D/E Recreational league in Burnsville.  The rest of the league should prepare.  The SFRC tend to play better when conditions improve.  Numbers don’t lie.

photo (8)Random picture that needs to be “global.”  After the monsoon passed and the teams cleared out, a few of the SFRC faithful were called out for walking towards their cars.  If we can’t win a softball game, we can certainly win the “I can stay later than you” game.  And so we did.  We aren’t exactly sure what caused the remaining three ladies to rush off in a hurry, but something upset them.  Perhaps the whittling career offended them.

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