Opening Night

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Catch Up in Pursuit of 3rd Place

The author admits fault in a lack of updates. Life happens. You know what else happens? The SFRC don’t stop playing. The SFRC don’t stop competing. The quotes don’t stop getting logged. A few highlights over the past few weeks as life has happened….

Down 1 in the top of the 7th, Lars hit a […]

2013 – Strange Year

In 18’ish years of SFRC softball I think we have had less than five games rained out. It is a well documented fact that the weather is perfect on Wednesday evenings in Burnsville during softball season. Something happened in 2013 that has ripped the pages out of the Farmer’s Almanac. Week #1 was cancelled due […]

Wally Backman’s Tirade Award (in waiting)

Recently we have been talking about a few of the great tirades that we have seen in the softball league. We had the Little JC “Bobby Knight” tirade. We had the “Hey Red, you mean nothing to me!” tirade and we had the idiot who threw the cooler with all the ice onto the field.


Incentive (Courtesy of Schlitz)

SFRC Sticks – Get those bats going! Schlitz has prizes for the three swingers with the most gusto (and the three top hitters too)! The person with the highest batting average wins a Schlitz prize pack (a.k.a. SPP) and the second place winner will take home a […]

Happy “Number Forty-Juan Berenguer” Day

Senor Smoke

Today is a special day for the SFRC. Happy “Number Forty-Juan….Berenguer” Day. 40 days until first pitch.

If you don’t get the reference….Back in 1987 the Twins had #40 Juan Berenger and […]