Opening Night

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Catch Up in Pursuit of 3rd Place

The author admits fault in a lack of updates. Life happens. You know what else happens? The SFRC don’t stop playing. The SFRC don’t stop competing. The quotes don’t stop getting logged. A few highlights over the past few weeks as life has happened….

Down 1 in the top of the 7th, Lars hit a […]

It Just Wasn’t in the Cards

Another great night for TWO! The wind was swirling with gusts up to 20mph according to weather center. The FRC were without Sans, fresh off his completed Master’s degree vacationing somewhere in the South. We were also without “Cinco,” who was tending to “Poco Cinco.” On a positive note […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

With the dress rehearsal behind us we were ready to play ball! We had a couple long time FRC faithful bow out for reasons we will not address. This left the FRC roster depleted. We were scrambling to find an able body. FNG Ryan came through with a call to […]