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Catch Up in Pursuit of 3rd Place

No RainThe author admits fault in a lack of updates.  Life happens.  You know what else happens?  The SFRC don’t stop playing.  The SFRC don’t stop competing.  The quotes don’t stop getting logged.  A few highlights over the past few weeks as life has happened….

  • Down 1 in the top of the 7th, Lars hit a rope down the left field line (where else?) to score two…SFRC wins by one
  • Pauly caught fire and went on a spree of doubles
  • Sans watched a game without cold beverages…in the rain
  • Kurty stepped in as only a true leader can to help a squad go
  • The SFRC has lost two and tied one – PURSUIT OF THIRD PLACE STILL IN PLAY
  • 35 closed his eyes on an evening at Alimagnet B and hit 4 HRs in an evening
  • The forecast called for 100% chance of precipitation, but we needed sunglasses to start the game
  • The beverages have remained cold
  • C20 got engaged (I feel bad about this one – this deserved it’s own post)
  • New bats arrived to the dugout of the SFRC – leaders
  • Matty hit a HR and it wasn’t for an out (he has owned some bad luck)
  • The SFRC had a mid-season processed food cool down
  • The SFRC beat a team of mostly experienced subs that could not be happy they lost
  • The ump at LL F fell victim to the shats and only the blue sauna was around…and occupied
  • The SFRC played with nine leaders (unusual)
  • Quotes – I cannot stress this enough
  • A few leaders have seen Friday before their wives / houses

For those that don’t believe in the “SFRC are meant to play” theory, two pictures of the evening with 100% chance of precipitation:

Weather leaving (facing East) at 7:45pm on the left and weather coming (facing West) on the right at 7:45pm, whilst the SFRC started at 8pm:

Weather leaving

Weather coming








35 HR

Good Night

Mid season processed food

Krull big wiener

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