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Half-way, 50%, 12 down / 12 to go

It’s difficult to believe we are halfway through the 2016 SFRC Leadership Development Consortium.  We have seen some real progress in the Leaders of this ship.  At the midyear point, the SFRC are batting a combined 0.555 BA with an 0.814 Slugging percentage.  That is 259 combined hits in 467 official At-Bats.  Solid.  The Leaders have hit 23 balls over the fence (three for outs) in 12 games.  More than 26% of Leadership hits go for extra bases.  That is due to unrivaled speed and power.

Game 1:  Burnsville Braves vs. SFRC

There was no lack of hits on this gorgeous night for two.  The Burnsville Braves buckled at the knees a few weeks ago in a 29-6 stomping by the SFRC.  They had no plans to go as quietly this time around.  The Braves present in their new yellow t-shirts came out swinging, and hitting well too.  They plated four in the first, one in the second and then pushed three or four each inning after.  The SFRC were in no mood to let their spirits down.  35 was able to close his eyes and hit a 301 foot foul ball and then answered the one strike count with a 301 foot homerun down the left-field line.  Pub Krull was also able to launch a ball into the teeth of the wind, taking more steps then we are used to seeing before heading to the dugout with a homerun under his belt (and a ball hit over the fence).  We were unable to push any runs across in the second or sixth inning (last due to time), but we were able to push two, five, six and EIGHT in the other four innings.  Taking a seven run lead into the bottom of the last inning, the SFRC were able to hold tough.  Four runs crossed, but that was not enough as Pete squeezed the last ball of the game in left to seal the win.

There is good news and bad news to Krull hitting a couple of spots down in the order.  The bad news is for Krull’s at-bats.  The good news is there tends to be more video available.  Here we see Pub Krull’s range at second base.

Kenny improved his team leading batting average by going 4-4 with two triples and two singles.  Brain sprayed the ball all over the park, also going 4-4.  All 11 Leaders reached base AT LEAST twice in the 6pm tilt.  That is unofficially only the third time that has happened.  Sans pitched a masterpiece of a game allowing the Burnsville Braves to bend, but not break the SFRC.

Final Score:  Burnsville Braves 18 – SFRC 21

Game 2:  SFRC vs. ShantyTown Thunder Sticks

The ShantyTown Thunder Sticks look like a squad to be reckoned with.  They have some nice players that can hit the ball and field well.  They tend to suffer, at times, from inconsistency.  Both teams pushed two across the dish in the first inning and followed that up with a goose egg in the second.  In the third inning C20 started with the SFRC with a single.  After two meaningless outs, Kenny and CHill both walked, loading the bases for Pub Krull, aka “the artist.”  Why “the artist?”  There may not be another player on the planet who can enjoy the site of a ball in the air more than Pub Krull.  Love it.  Here is what “the artist” did with the bases loaded and two outs (just sat back to take it all in, and watch his bases clearing single).

You don’t see a bases clearing single too often, so when it is there, we all enjoyed watching.  Here’s to 3-6, with the first ever recorded bases clearing single.  The SFRC went on a run scoring three, four and four in the third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Brain locked down third with a number of nice places and Kurty transitioned well from catcher to third.  The outfield made the necessary plays to lock down the win.

Final Score:  SFRC 14 – ShantyTown Thunder Sticks 8

At the risk of stirring up the Mosquito Gods, we are half-way through the season and have not had to break out the Deet sweater.  Solid.

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