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A Friend of Mine Does It with a Lamb

There were countless options to title the recap from June 2, 2016.  In the running:

  • “Second walk-off win in two weeks.”
  • “10 feet, right Red?  Is not always appreciated.”
  • “Playing for third place.”
  • “Mid-season cookout at south beach.”
  • “Mrs. H and Mother Nature’s wishes.”

The fact is, the title of this recap was a direct quote that simply explains why you can never leave softball too early.  You just don’t know what you could miss.  Frankly, this is a top 10 quote of all time.  More impressively, Lars wasn’t involved (in the quote, not the lamb).

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Turd Burglers

Runs were abundant by both teams as there was no lack of hitting.  The sun was out which made fielding on the right side of the field an adventure.  Potter held tough, fighting off the closest star to earth in right field making multiple catches.

The SFRC was down early, 4-2 and 6-3 before pushing eight runs in the top of the 3rd to take an 11-6 lead.  Turd Burglers did not give up and answered with five runs in the bottom of the 4th and pushed a few in the bottom of the last inning (6th due to time) to tie the game.  Whilst the SFRC bent, they did not break.  They easily could have given up and let the game go.  Pete was 4-4 and Kenny was 3-3.  Matty somehow found bad luck and hit a HR for an out.  35 found lightning in a bottle and capitalized on a long ball.  I’m not sure Turd Burglers liked the “10 feet, right Red” comment on the prior pitch, or the lack of hustle by 35 out of the box.

Final Score:  Turd Burglers 16 – SFRC 16

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Below Zero

Below Zero is unique.  They are unique because, individually, they are decent players that can field and hit.  Collectively, they drop down a notch or two.  Perhaps it is just the pressure of the Burnsville D/E Rec league.  As the SFRC switched fields, the sun went directly into the eyes of the Leaders on the left side of the field.  The game was back and forth and the SFRC found themselves in the unusual position of trailing by one going into the bottom of the last inning.  San, ever the LEADER, barked out “we need two to win.”  With inspiration in our ears, 35 found a hole between someone’s legs, and reached on an error.  Kenny flew out to deep right-center.  CHILL  walked to push the tying run to second and winning run on first.  Pub Krull approached the dish with confidence in his eyes.  He roped a line drive to left-center.  The fielder took a step in and then his eyes grew to the size of a Frisbee, whilst 35 could not hear his voice, I could read his mind….”OH CRAP!”  The ball flew over his head.  Both runners scored and Krull ended up with a game-winning triple.  This was the second walk-off win for the SFRC Leaders.

Final Score:  SFRC 17 – Below Zero 16

After the game, we nestled into Lac Lavon South Beach for some processed food.  Processed food and cold beverages inspired an all time quote.  Whilst discussing methods of roasting a swine, we heard, “I have a friend that does it with a lamb.”  Names don’t accompany quotes on the quote page, but it is worth mentioning, Lars is still out of town.

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