Opening Night

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Perfect. Walk Off / Extra ABs / W’s / Leaders

It was a PERFECT night for two.  No bugs, minimal breeze, 75 degrees, cloudy with no chance of rain and 10 Leaders.  The only downside to this evening is that we were light on quotes.  Related:  Lars was surfing in Hawaii and was not available.

Game 1:  The Sons of Pitches vs. SFRC

This game was back and forth with both teams doing what they could to get the upper hand.  In the top of the first, the SFRC (namely 35) allowed four runs to score.  The first batter of the game hit a line drive that hit 35’s foot (error).  The third batter of the game hit a one-hopper off of 35’s wrist (error).  Just brutal fielding.  The SFRC is a team of Leaders.  They were not going to give up that easy, scoring three in the bottom of the first.  The Sons of Pitches had some fire and pushed another six in the top of the second inning to take a 10-3 lead.  The Leaders of the SFRC kept plugging away, answering with three and then one and then five and then one.  In the bottom of the last inning (6th inning due to time) we ran off the field and Sans jumped on the mental game, “We need three to win.”  Pub Krull understood what was needed and quickly singled.  Matty followed that up with a double that was smoked to deep center.  Pauly had (still has) a nice SAC to bring the SFRC within one.  Potter singled setting the table for C20.  Tie game, bottom of the last inning with two outs and C20 at the dish.  BOOM, single.  Game winning walk-off hit.  Err….wait.  We still have time.  Pete up to bat with two outs and up one run.  BOOM, two run home run.  As 35 was walking to the plate in confusion about whether or not the game was over, the ump mumbled, “yeah, we need to call this game…LAST BATTER.”  Single.  That’s clutch for 35.

WALK OFF WINNING HIT BY C20 (with a follow-up HR by Pete and a clutch single by 35 that meant nothing).

Final Score: The Sons of Pitches 15 – SFRC 18

  • Note:  The Burnsville Park and Red site shows a 17-17 tie for this game, whilst we know the SFRC won, it may be best to let that stay a tie.

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Sick SOP

Coming off an exciting walk off win, plus a 2 run HR plus a single, the SFRC were not about to stop.  We had 10 Leaders playing and the game started with the SFRC at the dish.  We came out swinging as we are wont to do.  The first inning looked like this:  C20 = Triple, Pete = Single, 35 = Single, Kenny = Single, CHill = Double, Pub Krull = Double, Matty = Single, Pauly = Walk, Potter = Single, Sans = Rope for an out, C20 (2nd AB of the inning) =  Safe on an error, Pete (2nd AB of the inning) = Single, 35 (2nd AB of the inning) = HR, Kenny (2nd AB of the inning) = Single, CHill (2nd AB of the inning) = Well hit ball to left for an out, Pub Krull (2nd AB of the inning) = Single.  You get the idea.  In total we had 18 Leadership ABs in the top of the 1st inning and tallied 13 runs.  The wind was taken out of the Sick SOP sails.  We were shutdown quickly in the second and third innings, but the 4th inning had 12 Leaders step to the plate with Sans and Potter batting twice in the inning on our way to six runs.  This game was never in question, although Sick SOP did their best with nine players (Matty abused the lack of a second baseman).

Final Score:  SFRC 22 – Sick SOP 14

  • Note: Again the Burnsville Park and Rec website shows a 20-11 loss for the SFRC.  And again, whilst we know the SFRC won, it may be best to let that stay a loss in an effort to get a 3rd Place trophy.

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