Opening Night

  • SFRC Balm:
    in 37 days, 2 hours, 38 minutes, 12 seconds

Perfect. Walk Off / Extra ABs / W’s / Leaders

It was a PERFECT night for two. No bugs, minimal breeze, 75 degrees, cloudy with no chance of rain and 10 Leaders. The only downside to this evening is that we were light on quotes. Related: Lars was surfing in Hawaii and was not available.

Game 1: The Sons of Pitches vs. SFRC

This game […]

SFRC.BIZ Coming soon!

A team full of leaders needs it’s own website. Here we go…

It came down to WWW.SFRC.BIZ (because it’s a business out there) or WWW.NEILLFIELDA.COM. In the end SFRC.BIZ won out. We’ll try to get an update or two out each week. Currently, I’m hesitant to post anything about the two “headers” we had or […]