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CP Prefers B&W TV, Rotary Phones and Everything Else 1975

Another week of Schlitz Gusto Guy softball and more lessons learned. First, the evening only gets more entertaining as the minutes turn to hours and a 7:30pm arrival turns into an 11:30pm departure. If there is one constant in the 20+ years of SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guy softball, it is the conversations and laughter […]

July 1st – The Tale of Two Games

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 looked a little gloomy when the alarm went off in the morning. It drizzled most of the morning but cleared up in the afternoon and was “Mrs. H” by 5pm. It was 74 degrees and sunny. It was good to be back “home” (Neill) […]

SFRC.BIZ Coming soon!

A team full of leaders needs it’s own website. Here we go…

It came down to WWW.SFRC.BIZ (because it’s a business out there) or WWW.NEILLFIELDA.COM. In the end SFRC.BIZ won out. We’ll try to get an update or two out each week. Currently, I’m hesitant to post anything about the two “headers” we had or […]