Opening Night

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2023 Fall Final Regular Season (Split)

The SKYLINE softball team continued their trend of splitting double-headers, with the fifth in a row being no exception. Pub Krull showcased his lightning-fast speed, reminiscent of Austin Krull III, Jr., as he beat out three infield hits, leaving the opponents in awe of his natural talent.

Meanwhile, ol’ #35 left his mark by […]

August 24, 2023 – Recap

In a thrilling softball double-header, SKYLINE, a team of LEADERS, demonstrated their prowess on the field. The first game was a triumph, with SKYLINE asserting their dominance early by scoring an impressive six runs in the opening inning. Their momentum continued, and the 4th inning showcased their strength with another nine runs, including a […]

Tryouts, Practice, Website, Quote Page, Name Change, Film Room…..AI!

Several decades ago, the SFRC held tryouts (“we have enough, but if you want to show up, I’ll try to get you an at-bat or two.”). They had practices (“cut two!”). We advanced by introducing a website ( We changed our name for a year (“After 23 seasons as SKYLINE…”). We took a leap […]

2023 – The Race to 3rd Place

It’s probably time to continue to advance the SFRC technology. This would be something like Chat GPT writing weekly recaps. They can’t be worse then the historic author.

Stats and quotes have been updated as of June 21, 2023.

2022 – Weeks 3/4

Week 3: “If a tree falls in the forest….” The author was absent and updates were, dare I say, inadequate.

Quick mention: Krull Jr, III made his debut with the SFRC.

Week 4: It was a splendid night for two.

Game 1: SKYLINE @ Schmidt Roofing

This group of softball players from Schmidt […]