Opening Night

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2022 – Weeks 3/4

Week 3: “If a tree falls in the forest….” The author was absent and updates were, dare I say, inadequate.

Quick mention: Krull Jr, III made his debut with the SFRC.

Week 4: It was a splendid night for two.

Game 1: SKYLINE @ Schmidt Roofing

This group of softball players from Schmidt […]

2022 – Week 2

The forecast was sketchy at best for the week leading up to SFRC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT session Week #2. Do you know who was concerned about the weather? No one. The weather has never been a concern for the SFRC.

LEADERSHIP starts with good weather and as the day progressed […]

2022 – Week 1 First Pitch

It’s been a rough Minnesota spring. It feels like we have had nary a day at 60+ degrees. The Week #1 forecast looked miserable on your favorite Apple or Android app. 45-50 degrees with an 80% chance of rain for most of the days leading up to First Pitch.

The reality is that […]

2021- Week 2

Fresh off a 2-0 start, the SFRC were ready for two more on a wonder night for two softball games.

Two softball games on Lac Lavon Field E. We know it is Field “E” because:

Everybody hits homerunsEvaluations (see the summer of 1995)

Game 1 vs. Boys 2 Men:

Boys 2 Men were born […]

2021 – First Balm

The 2021 SFRC season kicked off on schedule. Most LEADERS have been vaccinated. On game day the MN Department of Health and CDC said masks were not needed for outdoor sports.

The SFRC won their league last year and were forced to move up a division. It is worth mentioning that we did […]