Opening Night

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First Balm After Lockout

July. Our first double-header was in July. You read that correctly. July. July 9th, 2020. No one could have imagined COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the Burnsville D/E Red softball league. Mother Nature was not informed as we have been staring at beautiful weather on Thursday from the LEADER’S respective lockdown locations since mid-April.

How […]

A Thrashing and Hustling to Make it Close

The weather was cool, but the sun was out at Alimagnet A. It was a nice night for two, per the norm.

Game 1: Glory Days vs. SFRC

As the home team we did what LEADERS do and shut down the heart of Glory Days’ order by allowing exactly zero runs. Unfortunately, after a […]

2019 Opening Pitch (with Meat Tray)

Two weeks into April, 2019 it did not look good to start the season on April 25th. There was snow, rain and cold weather. The SFRC needed the snow to melt and the fields to dry out to be able to open their season as scheduled.

And the softball Gods listened.

April 25, […]

Opening Night

The LEADER of LEADERS (Al / Sans / 0) has signed up the SFRC for the Thursday night “Usually Blessed, Sometimes Cursed” league in Burnsville. Film sessions are in full swing. Pub Krull is working on new attire for the summer of 2019 and jersey number requests have been made.

Check the countdown […]

Unthinkable – Sun and then RAIN

If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t believe it….

It was 82 degrees and sunny. So sunny, in fact, that every fly ball to right was a challenge.

Game #1 vs. Celts

The last meeting between the SFRC and Celts ended with the bad guys getting hit after hit after hit after hit scoring seven runs […]