Opening Night

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2022 – Weeks 3/4

Week 3: “If a tree falls in the forest….” The author was absent and updates were, dare I say, inadequate

  • Quick mention: Krull Jr, III made his debut with the SFRC.  

Week 4:  It was a splendid night for two.

Game 1: SKYLINE @ Schmidt Roofing

This group of softball players from Schmidt roofing has a storied past.  One nearly killed Pauly on the mound a couple of years ago on Neill E.  Luckily Burnsville escaped the second death on that field (true story).  SKYLINE FRC built an early lead scoring four runs in the first innings on a “Booty Bonds” GRANDSLAM.  We pushed another run in the second inning.  Schmidt roofing found another player to add to their roster that hit multiple balls up the middle, one buzzing somewhere between Pauly’s ear and the arm that went up when the ball hit grass in centerfield.  

Schmidt Roofing scratched and clawed their way back.  Back to back homeruns by 35 and Booty Bonds in the 6th created some space, but in the end, the SFRC took a step towards 3rd Place by losing on a walk-off 2-run homerun.

Game 2: Prestige Worldwide @ SKYLINE

Intentionally brief…You can win softball games by scoring 11 runs.  You cannot win many softball games giving up 26 runs.  SFRC didn’t have many errors, but Prestige brought more hits in the game than the past 10 games we have played against them combined.  Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit…. Loss.  

That is a big step towards 3rd Place.


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