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A Friend of Mine Does It with a Lamb

There were countless options to title the recap from June 2, 2016.  In the running:

“Second walk-off win in two weeks.” “10 feet, right Red?  Is not always appreciated.” “Playing for third place.” “Mid-season cookout at south beach.” “Mrs. H and Mother Nature’s wishes.”

The fact is, the title of this recap was a direct […]

“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

The cool air was blowing in on Lac Lavon Field B.  The SFRC have never had great results when the wind is blowing in the face of the batter.  It was, however, sunny.  There were 12 leaders ready to take on two games in the cool temperatures.  This was the first games of the year […]

2016 Kickoff on THURSDAY Nights – A Night of Firsts

2016 Kickoff

There are rumors that tradition is hard to break.  Some would go as far as sad.  For supporting information, see the 2010 Soliloquy.  Whilst the SFRC typically kick off the season on Wednesday nights at the end of April, we had two changes.  First, the SFRC are taking their talents to Thursday […]

Off Season Film

Filmroom:  Winter, 2015-2016

Mid-Season Form

As we continue to make a push for third place and try to climb to .500, we took to Neill B twice.  A few leaders arrived early to check the field.  Get to know the lines and the dirt / gravel.  Hydrate.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Turnt

We said it before and it’s worth saying […]