Opening Night

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2023 Fall Final Regular Season (Split)

The SKYLINE softball team continued their trend of splitting double-headers, with the fifth in a row being no exception. Pub Krull showcased his lightning-fast speed, reminiscent of Austin Krull III, Jr., as he beat out three infield hits, leaving the opponents in awe of his natural talent.

Meanwhile, ol’ #35 left his mark by smacking four home runs, taking advantage of some favorable weather conditions. These power hits were a significant factor in the team’s success. Kenny, as reliable as ever, pitched two stellar games, demonstrating his pitching mastery of pitching and fielding off the bump.

The outfielders CHill and Robert displayed their superior skills, making impressive catches and preventing runs. Additionally, the infield turned some incredible double plays thanks to the teamwork of Kurty, Potter (Travis), and Potter (Steve), showcasing their defensive prowess.

Following the intense games, the team gathered for a well-deserved cookout, relishing the taste of victory and strengthening their bonds off the field.

A humorous note to the day was Al (#0) making a fashionably late entrance at 6:14 pm, seemingly just to ensure he wouldn’t be asked to play, adding a lighthearted touch to the day’s events.



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