Opening Night

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2023 Fall Final Regular Season (Split)

The SKYLINE softball team continued their trend of splitting double-headers, with the fifth in a row being no exception. Pub Krull showcased his lightning-fast speed, reminiscent of Austin Krull III, Jr., as he beat out three infield hits, leaving the opponents in awe of his natural talent.

Meanwhile, ol’ #35 left his mark by […]

2022 – Week 2

The forecast was sketchy at best for the week leading up to SFRC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT session Week #2. Do you know who was concerned about the weather? No one. The weather has never been a concern for the SFRC.

LEADERSHIP starts with good weather and as the day progressed […]

2014 – “My Team is on the Floor”

I’m not sure where to start. It’s been a poor showing for Ol’ 3-5 on the field and at the plate in 2014 and it’s been a poor showing for Ol’ 3-5 online in 2014. Let’s not dwell on how we have landed here. Rather, as any leader would do, let’s look forward.

This may […]

The Streak Ended

The table was set. It was Mrs. H out at 8pm. Roughly 67 degrees and partly cloudy, which obviously means, mostly clear. We received late warning from Cinco that he had a higher priority than Schlitz Gusto Guy softball on this night. After calling AAA Las Vegas (Niehaus) and getting shutout before finally securing a […]

Carl Pavano Night at SFRCMP

To wrap up the 2010 season of Schlitz Gusto Guy softball, we dedicated a night to Carl Pavano. Some Schlitz Gusto Guy players even went with the unnatural looking mustache. It certainly was a nice night to put an end to the 2010 season (not coincidentally on the eve of 2011 pre-season workouts). The temperature […]