Opening Night

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Karma, Lions, SFRCGG and a Beer Thief

$1299.99 on eBay

Surprisingly, it was a beautiful night for two games. There was jealousy all around for the new SFRCGG beer holder which was still hot off the presses.

You can only keep a lion in a cage for so long. When said lion comes out of its cage, it may snack […]

Season Goal: Third Place

Game #1 vs. Celt’s Pub

Celt’s Pub is the top team in the league and they were looking to add to that lead by beating up on the SFRCGG. Unfortunately for them, we had other plans. We scored four runs in the first inning to take an early 4-2 lead. Celts Pub didn’t quit and […]

2011 Beginning / Sans 50th Birthday

2011 is officially underway. What better way to celebrate Sans’ 50th birthday than with a double header? None in this writer’s book. We have had a few changes to the roster since we last gathered to play an official game almost seven months ago. The FNG has moved into a super-sub role…Niehaus has moved West […]

It Can Happen (0.0024% Chance)

It was another fine night of fall weather to participate in one of the greatest sports on earth. We were playing on SFRCMP for the first time in two weeks, given the unprecedented rainout the previous week.

Game #1 vs. Goodfella’s

It was a tough day in the sun. The ball seemed to be […]

Balm (Heat index of 106 degrees)

She was MIGHTY hot and humid in the afternoon. Around 4pm the“feels like” temperature was 106 degrees in the great SFRCMP area. According to an official Schlitz Gusto Guy car reading we had a temperature of 94 degrees at 5:15pm and still a balmy 91 degrees at 7:15pm.

The Schlitz Gusto Guys were more than […]