Opening Night

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It Can Happen (0.0024% Chance)

It was another fine night of fall weather to participate in one of the greatest sports on earth.  We were playing on SFRCMP for the first time in two weeks, given the unprecedented rainout the previous week. 

Game #1 vs. Goodfella’s

It was a tough day in the sun.  The ball seemed to be carrying a bit and the sun apologized for the previous week by glaring right into the outfielder’s eyes.  It made fielding difficult.  We scored 10 runs in this ball game, but unfortunately gave up 20. 

But the 10 run loss doesn’t matter.  Why?

In the 4th inning one runner had scored and there were no outs and runners on 1st and 2nd.  This situation has happened 4,317 times since they moved the bases back five feet a few years ago.  There was a hard hit ball to short.  Of the 4,317 times there have been runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded with no outs, 417 times there has been a ground ball to ol’ #35 at short.  413 of those times, T-Mac has booted the ball, once he tagged the runner and twice we turned double plays and once we came a half step / bad call away from a triple play.  Well, on this day SFRCMP did us a favor.  The ball was hit very hard.  Luckily, too hard to have time to think.  It was a one-hopper / Sunday hop right into #35’s glove going to his left.  This led him right into the runner for the 1st out, stepped on the base for out #2 and threw to first as Pub Krull anxiously awaited and sighed relief when he caught the ball.  A TRIPLE PLAY!  I’d like to type that again…A TRIPLE PLAY!   On the 418th groundball to short with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs, we turned a triple play.  1/418 = 0.0024. That is 0.24% chance.  In other words, it doesn’t happen often.  Numbers don’t lie. 

So we lost this game, but we had another game to play on this fine evening and no one from the Schlitz Gusto Guys had to go to bed at night knowing they hit into a TRIPLE PLAY!

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 10 – Goodfella’s 20

Last out: ?

Game #2 vs. Rounding Second

The Schlitz Gusto Guys can only be tamed for so long.  They can only be caged for so long.  Eventually, the animal that is the Schlitz Gusto Guys bats will let loose.  And so they did, on their way to 24 runs.  We hit bloopers, groundballs, line drives and deep balls.  This tamed and caged animal was free to go.  We took extra bases when they were given, we tested the arms, we forced them to throw us out between bases and we had Cinco try to “sneak” home after the runner before him had a play at the plate.  He missed it by a step.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys made things happen all game.

Defensively we locked it down making the plays we needed to make.  Pub Krull pitched his first official inning and simply didn’t give up an earned run.  ERA = 0.00.  Opponents batting average = 0.250.  I think the Schlitz Gusto Guys own the best middle reliever south of the river.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 24 – Rounding Second 10

Last out:  Ryan (officially a strikeout, since it was a foul ball)

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