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Brian Niehaus Night

For those of you not aware, September 15th was “Brian Niehaus” night.  It was the 2009 Schlitz Gusto Guy Sportsman of the Year’s last night of softball (at least for now / this year).  He is off to Sin City to make some things happen and potentially start a desert version of the Schlitz Gusto Guy softball squad.  We look forward to hearing about the 110 degree “balm” days.   

The forecast was for rain followed by rain followed by more rain.  The radar showed rain covering a 100  mile stretch north to south just west of SFRCMP.  Something had to give.  We know we dont’ get rained out on SFRCMP, but the radar was telling a different story.   

Game #1 vs. Crew’d Up   

Mrs. H. out.  A tad humid, plenty sunny, with some clouds in the distance.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys took a little while to get warmed up and dug themselves a bit of a hole.  In typical Schlitz Gusto Guy fashion, we mounted a comeback before eventually falling 13-7.    

Game #2 vs. Team Ziegler  

Brian Niehaus Night

The rain, however, was not enough to keep the Schlitz Gusto Guys bats quiet.  We picked it up, we took advantage of the elements and we held our own in the field.  “Hey, the ball is giong to be wet when you pick it up!”  We hit cutoff men, we threw strikes and we hit it where they weren’t.  We took extra bases when the situation called for it and we ran out balls in the dirt.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys do some of their best work in sub-optimal conditions.  This may stem from the time they put in at SFRCMP in January.

Tears hitting homeplate on SFRCMP

Some highlights from the 2010 version of the “monsoon game…”  Pub Krull winking at Mother Nature and letting her know who her daddy is as he hit a HR to straight away center into the teeth of the wind and the rain, a nice catch by 2’s going back to the track fighting the rain and puddles to make a catch and finally, Sans legging out a double as he took advantage of the slick footing of the outfielders.

Rain on SFRCMP from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

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