Opening Night

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Mid-Season Form

As we continue to make a push for third place and try to climb to .500, we took to Neill B twice. A few leaders arrived early to check the field. Get to know the lines and the dirt / gravel. Hydrate.

Game 1: SFRC vs. Turnt

We said it before and it’s worth saying […]

Here’s to the Runs

I will admittedly keep this brief, as it is from a few weeks ago. We were missing the captain, the coach, the leader of leaders. We were missing Sans on this beautiful night for two.

Game 1 vs. Ziegler

Kurty joined the squad and that kick-started the hit parade. Scoring in every inning against Ziegler […]

Couldn’t String Hits Together

Another nice night for two. Per the norm. Downside of the night, Ol’ 35 forgot the beverage holder, which result in some sort of penalty.

Game 1 vs. Ziegler

Neither team could get a good rhythm going at the plate. The game was kept close, but the SFRC ultimately took it on the chin losing […]

Kickoff to a Big Sports Week

Mrs. H

The week of April 29, 2015 is a big week of sports. The NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing. NASCAR goes to Talladega on May 3rd. The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight is on May 2nd. The NFL draft first round is April 30th and continues on May 2nd. However, […]

Let’s Play Two (Per the Norm)

No surprise here, the forecast didn’t look good. The rain was coming. However, the softball weather Gods anticipated such an event and scheduled the SFRCGG for Lac Lavon on June 22, 2011. Why? Take a look at the forecast. The SFRCGG were scheduled to play at 6pm and 7pm. We did just that and when […]