Opening Night

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Here’s to the Runs

I will admittedly keep this brief, as it is from a few weeks ago.  We were missing the captain, the coach, the leader of leaders.  We were missing Sans on this beautiful night for two.

Game 1 vs. Ziegler

Kurty joined the squad and that kick-started the hit parade.  Scoring in every inning against Ziegler on this beautiful night for softball.  The inning totals looked like this:  2-6-3-2-3-3.  That’s 19 runs for those of you scoring at home, or even curious about the SFRC runs scored (credit to Keith Olbermann, circa 1995).  Matty and Kenny were both 4-5 and almost everyone had AT LEAST two hits in this game.

The defense was solid and we held Ziegler to six runs.

Final:  SFRC 19 – Ziegler 6

Game 2 vs. Turnt

Turnt is separating themselves as the best team in the league.  They hit the ball well and have solid fielders throughout.  Whilst the FRC of Skyline did their best, pushing 14 runs.  As a team, we were able to bat 0.571 for the game (20-35).  Nate was 3-3 and ol’ 35 was 4-4.  but it wasn’t enough.  We were no match for the Turnt sticks, who tallied 24.

Final:  SFRC 14 – Turnt 24

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