Opening Night

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Young and Dumb Make an Appearance

To the surprise of no one, the weather was perfect.  The sun was shining and there was barely a breeze to kick up the dust.  Neill B for a pair at 7pm and 8pm.  Or was it 6pm and 9pm?

Game 1 vs. Gopher Ballz

Gopher Ballz is a solid squad with some good hitters.  The SFRC held their own in the field save for a few dropped balls (ol’ 35 had two errors on one play) holding Gopher Ballz to nine runs through seven innings.  A team like the “usually blessed, sometimes cursed” Fighting Red C’s of Skyline should be able to put up more than nine runs.  That isn’t too much to ask in a slow pitch softball game.  Unless of course, it IS too much to ask.  It took us until the third inning to get through the lineup, which is always a bad sign for the run column.  We mounted a small comeback in the fifth inning scoring a pair, but clearly not enough to over take the heavily favored Gopher Ballz.

Final score:  Gopher Ballz 9 – SFRC 3

Game 2 vs. Big Sticks (one of only 4,342 slow pitch softball teams with the name “Big Sticks” in the five state region)

This game started with the SFRC at the dish.  As Pub Krull stepped to the plate, the “Young and Dumb” pitcher barked out, “How closely do you call this sportsmanship rule?  Because I’m a d!ck.”  And away he went and away we went.  Look at three pitches that didn’t sniff the strike zone, Pub Krull walked.  Matty followed with a walk of his own and then a couple of outs ended the inning.  The Young and Dumbs hit pretty well to start the game scoring four runs in the bottom of the first.  It was time to put on the veteran caps.  On the field where they once score more than 20 runs in an inning, the SFRC went on a run.  Chris20 started it with a single.  That was followed by a harmless out.  Then we went E-5, single, walk, walk, single, single, SAC, single, slingle then Chris20, up for the second time in the inning, walked, followed by a single, single, walk.  And with the bases loaded Potter launched a bases clearing triple over the right-center fielder’s head.  After 17 batters, the SFRC recorded the third out of the inning and took a commanding 13-4 lead.  Young and Dumb responded with two and then pushed another six.  After Chris20 launched a homerun to right center in the fifth, the SFRC were able to score an important five runs in the top of the 6th before ol’ 35 popped out in foul territory by first base whilst trying to push the ball to right.  Upon taking the field Red alerted both teams that this was the final at-bats of the game due to time.  Sounds good, except that means ol’ 35 is bringing the beverage holder back home.  Pub Krull did not get out in this game and Chris20 had a single, HR and two walks.  Pauly had two singles and two walks and Sans was 3-4.  A solid outing for all of the Fighting Red C’s of Skyline.

Final score:  Big Sticks 13 – SFRC 19

Last out:  35

On a positive note, when the lights went dark we were able to enjoy the beautiful blue glow of the beverage holder.

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