Opening Night

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Couldn’t String Hits Together

Another nice night for two.  Per the norm.  Downside of the night, Ol’ 35 forgot the beverage holder, which result in some sort of penalty.

Game 1 vs. Ziegler

Neither team could get a good rhythm going at the plate.  The game was kept close, but the SFRC ultimately took it on the chin losing 7-5.  Highlights include a diving catch in left by CHill and a nice catch behind the dish by Lars!

Final score:  Ziegler 7 – SFRC 5.

Game 2 vs. Turnt

The bats got going a bit in the second game of the evening, but Turnt is a good team with young players that can hit and throw.  Most of the damage the SFRC did was in the middle innings.  Turnt was able to push runs in every inning.  Kenny hit a rocket over the left field fence to get into the HR column and ol’ 35 was able to scrape together four hits.

Final score:  Turnt 15 – SFRC 8.

Last out:  Lars (don’t worry about the beverage holder….35 will bring it next week)


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