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Numbers DO lie.

Numbers DO lie.

Whilst it may be obvious, it cannot go unmentioned.  In cases where the weather calls for rain, numbers DO lie.  The weather was PERFECT.  Sure the forecast stated 100% chance of rain.  Why wouldn’t it?  The radar showed the weather pattern moving towards Burnsville and significant rain was part along the path.




An email was sent to the author with the following statement, “ predicts 100% chance or rain at 6pm.  Bold move  Bold move.”  Obviously, apparently doesn’t have input from, the Farmer’s Almanac of weather reports for Burnsville from April through October.  Notice the shadows.  Notice the sun the right fielder was fighting until the sun set on May 6th.  Rain?  Nary a drop.  Not one single drop of rain on SFRCMP from 5:25pm – 10:35pm.

Some teams looked surprised that it wasn’t raining.  Not the Fighting Red C’s of Skyline.  This group of leaders has been down this path too many times to be surprised by the lack or rain on game night.  In the end, it was a bit muggy.


Game 1 vs. Gopher Balz

The good guys started in the field.  Gopher Balz is a solid team who hits the ball well.  They put a quick four on the board in the top of the first.  The SFRC were not intimidated and the first five batters reached base on the way to scoring three runs in the bottom of the first.  In the second inning we went down 1-2-3, but followed that up with three more runs in the third.  Unfortunately, that was the only run production for the game.  While we were never out of the game, we couldn’t catch Gopher Balz.  SFRC were a bit short-handed fielding only nine leaders and that cost us a few outs, which of course led to runs.

Final Score:  Gopher Balz 12 – SFRC 6

Last out:  Lars

Game 2 vs. Cruiser

Coming off of our last ABs, we were ready to start swinging again as the visitors on SFRCMP.  We batted seven and scored a quick run to take an early lead.  On the defensive side we were not quite as ready, throwing the ball around and allowing Cruisers to score three runs to take a 3-1 lead.  Knowing we need a spark, Lars took a walk as did Sans allowing Pub Krull to walk to the plate with runners on first and second with no outs.  The pitch was quickly sent deep the other direction for the first HR of the season in any game we have seen.  A three-run shot to left field.

The hits kept coming and the defense held tight.  SFRC pushed 20 with no more than seven in a single inning.  Everyone had their turn.  Cruiser made some in game adjustments and walked Pub Krull three times.  Lars and San ripped the ball all game, as evidence by these videos:

Last out penalty

Last out penalty

Final Score:  SFRC 20 – Cruiser 7

Last out:  Ol’ 35

Conversation at home…

Mrs. 35:  “What is this?”

35:  “You should be proud that you are asking about this now.  It is multiple years old.  It’s a beverage holder used at softball games.”

Mrs. 35:  “Why do you have it?”

35:  “I made the last out of the second game.  Like I said, you should be proud of me.  This is the first time you have seen it.”

Mrs. 35:  “What time do you play next week?”

35:  “I think we have another 6pm / 8pm split double-header.”


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