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Kickoff to a Big Sports Week

Mrs. H

Mrs. H

The week of April 29, 2015 is a big week of sports.  The NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing.  NASCAR goes to Talladega on May 3rd.  The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight is on May 2nd.  The NFL draft first round is April 30th and continues on May 2nd.  However, no sporting event is bigger than the start of the SFRC Summer Softball League schedule.  Not even StubHub could locate ticket for these games.

April 29th, 2015 was “Mrs. H,” per the norm.  65 degrees and sunny.  There was a 7 – 8mph breeze blowing straight in on Neill A, aka Skyline Fighting Red C* Memorial Park (SFRCMP).  There were a few leaders claiming stake to the west side dugout a solid hour before first pitch and 11 leaders were ready and able at least 10 minutes before the first pitch.

Game 1 vs. Ziegler

The Ziegler bats fresh out of their wrappers were ready.  They scored four in the top of the first.  The SFRC bats, also fresh out of their respective wrappers didn’t shy away from the early challenging and responded with three of our own.

It went a bit downhill from there as far as the runs are concerned.  Ziegler scored in every inning.  The SFRC scored only three more spread across the remaining six innings.  The Good Guys only managed 12 hits in this seven inning softball game.  Matty, CHill and Kenny managed two hits each, whilst the rest of the squad didn’t get more than a single hit per leader.  Clearly not quite to midseason form.

Final score:  Ziegler 19 – SFRC 6

Last out:  Ol’ #35

Game 2 vs. Turnet

Whilst the name looks different the faces were the same.  Turnet is a new name for a team that played Wednesdays in the summer of ’14.

As the visitors on SFRCMP, we started the game with hot sticks.  Five infielders couldn’t stop the SFRC from a lineup that went:  Walk, Single, Out, Single and Run, Single and Run, Single, Single and Run, Single and Run, SAC, Single and Run and Out.  11 leaders stepped to the plate in the top of the first and jumped out to a six run lead after holding Turnet scoreless in the bottom of the first.

The game was back and forth throughout.  We scored six, they scored zero.  We scored one, they scored six.  We scored six, they scored one.  We scored zero, they scored five.  In the end, the SFRC game up one run short.  It was a fun game.  This is the type of game that the SFRC don’t lose after Memorial Day.  Numbers don’t lie.

Every leader had at least one hit in this game and Pub Krull, Ol’ 35, Kenny and C20 had three hits each.

Final score:  Turnet 16 – SFRC 15

Last out:  Matty



After the 7pm game ended, a solid group of leaders stuck around to scout other teams, discuss off season workouts, try to figure out if the new bats have limited oomph and frankly, just wait for the quotes to start rolling in.

Whilst the other teams players drove off with daylight still present, the SFRC said their goodbyes around 10pm.  This may have been the first time in years that the last of the leaders left whilst the lights were still tanning the skin of Neill Field A.

The quote page has been updated, which means the 2015 Softball season is officially underway…and so is a solid week of sports outside of Burnsville, Minnesota.

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