Opening Night

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Let’s Play Two (Per the Norm)

No surprise here, the forecast didn’t look good.  The rain was coming.  However, the softball weather Gods anticipated such an event and scheduled the SFRCGG for Lac Lavon on June 22, 2011.  Why?  Take a look at the forecast.  The SFRCGG were scheduled to play at 6pm and 7pm.  We did just that and when we were finished the skies couldn’t hold on any longer and dumped rain like it was the Amazon rain forest.  For those with SFRCGG experience, we know there is a covered area to enjoy cold beverages and stay dry.

Game #1 vs. Celt’s Pub

I am not sure what to say.  The SFRCGG brought their bats and simply did not put them away….all night.  Kurty set the tone with a lead off homerun to straight away center.  The game went something like this: Lead off homerun, hit, hit, hit, hit/run, hit/runs, hit/run, hit/outfielders quitting, hit/outfielder walking/run, hit, hit, hit/runs, Nate GRAND SLAM, hit, hit/run, CW HOMERUN FOR AN OUT!, hit/run….angry team shaking hands.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 28 – Celt’s Pub 16

Last out: ???

Game #2 vs. Ziegler

This was a mixed bag of Ziegler players.  Meaning, we only recognized about half the team.  We never put our bats away.  This game went something along the lines of: Start with two runs since Ziegler didn’t bring a game ball, hit, hit, hit/run, hit/run…hits/runs on our way to 27 runs and a four inning game (mercy rule).

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 27 – Ziegler 5

Last out: Matty

Players of the night: We have many options.  Everyone hit very well.  Brain was 9-9.  CW hit his first homerun (check that, it was an out).  Nate hit his first career homerun and it was a GRAND SLAM!  Kurty set the tone with a lead off homerun.  Bruce showed that age cannot take away a sweet swing going 5-7 on the night with a SAC (and an RBI).

56 runs in two games and nine total innings.  That is more than six runs per inning played.  I’m pretty sure that is a SFRCGG record.

Fan of the night: The one, the only…the original Schlitz Gusto Guy….#25!  Yes, Mr. Brian Niehaus made it all the way back from Las Vegas to come enjoy some ice cold Tall Boys under the shelter of the rain.  The ankle is on the mend and we anticipate he’ll be ready for Fall Ball, if he can make it back for a week or two.

We are all looking forward to the return of the Leader of Leaders, Sans.  Set to make his 2011 debut July 6, 2011.  All things will be right with the SFRCGG’s again.

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