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The Return of Sans

It was a very nice evening for two.  Some may even describe it as Mrs. H.  The forecast called for 82 degrees and sunny with a 0% chance to precipitation.  It was actually 87 degrees just before first pitch.  In other words, it was balmy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 marked a couple of occasions worth celebrating.  The first was the return of SANS.  Yes, that’s right.  Ol’ #0 made his 2011 debut.  This brought all kinds of fans to the park.  One fan (Pub Krull’s brother-in-law) came all the way from California.  The other occasion worth celebrating was Ryan’s engagement.  Shocking that he was able to coerce a “yes” out of Brandi.

Game #1 vs. Celts Pub

Strange game.  It felt like we were hitting a pumpkin.  The ball felt like mush.  There was not much pop off of either team’s bats.  Brain started on the hill and quickly recorded four of the first six outs by Celts Pub.  The SFRC put the pressure on early scoring six runs in the second inning.  Celt’s pub made a nice rally in the sixth inning to close within 8-6.  However, the SFRC did what they do.  Potter led off with a single which was followed by a single by Sans and a single by Pub Krull.  Brain followed that up with a double.  Three runs later, the SFRC had an  11-6 lead and locked down the defense in the bottom of the seventh to secure the win.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 11 – Celt’s Pub 6

Last out: Mr. Clutch (#35) – This never seems to change

Highlight of the game: Ryan caught in a rundown either fell or slid head first 15 feet away from first base.

Even Ryan is surprised she said "Yes."

Game #2 vs. Eddy’s

Brain started the game with a chance for the second “Snapper Mow’em Down” inning in SFRC history.  Unfortunately, the third batter made contact and grounded out.  The SFRC had the bats going early in this game scoring four runs in the first and four runs in the third.  Unfortunately, Eddy’s got to work in the second and third and fourth innings scoring nine runs.  The SFRC came charging back and took the lead 10-9.  In the top of the seventh Eddy’s broke through scoring three runs.  The SFRC bats were done after the sixth inning.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 10 – Eddy’s 12

Last out: Ryan

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