Opening Night

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Mid-Season Form

Neill BAs we continue to make a push for third place and try to climb to .500, we took to Neill B twice.  A few leaders arrived early to check the field.  Get to know the lines and the dirt / gravel.  Hydrate.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Turnt

We said it before and it’s worth saying again.  Turnt is the best team in this league.  They hit well (although they only scored four runs in their first game of the night) and they don’t make bad errors in the field.  We plated one to start the game, but Turnt answered with seven to take an early and impressive lead.  We scratched and clawed another run in the second, which Turnt duplicated in their half of the inning.  We scored another run in the fourth to total three runs through four innings.  Significantly less than their 13 runs through four.  In the fifth our bats got going starting with singles by CHill, Sans and Pub Krull.  We batted 10 and pushed five runs in the fifth to climb back within five.  They answered our five with five of their own.  We plated another three in the seventh, but it wasn’t enough.  Pub Krull managed a 3-4 game, 35 was 4-4, Pauly and Lars were 2-4 and Sans was 2-3.  The SFRC gave Turnt a few too many outs.  That will happen when a team hits the ball hard.

Final:  SFRC 11 – Turnt 18

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Ziegler

RoadRashThe last time Ziegler played the SFRC they got walloped.  A 19-6 crushing that was never close.  Ziegler was focused.  They were ready.  They brought a full roster of 13 (that’s never fun).  They started the game with one run in the top of the first.  The SFRC was focused on winning innings and pushed three to take a 3-1 lead into the second.  Ziegler scored two and the SFRC answered with one.  We held them to zero runs in the top half of the third, and then the fireworks started.  The bottom of three looked like this for the Fighting Red C’s of Skyline:  Line drive HR (Kenny), waslk by Chris 20, single by Paul, out, single by Potter, walk by Lars, single by Sans, single by Pub Krull, single by Matty, 35 doubled, Kenny, up for the second time in the inning walked, Chris 20 doubled, Pauly singled, Nate reached, Potter singled, Lars lined out to third on a ball that was smoked, CHill singled, Sans singled before we finally recorded our third out after scoring 14 runs.  All but two leaders got up twice in that inning.  Every leader was on base in the inning and every leader scored at least once in the third inning.  That’s impressive.

We must give credit where credit is due.  Ziegler came back in the top of the fourth inning and answered our 14 runs with 11 of their own.  Well played, Ziegler.  Not well enough, mind you, but it was a good response.

The SFRC weren’t done and pushed four more in the fourth inning and held Ziegler to a couple before Red called the game due to time.  The game was close as there were runners in scoring position when the game ended.

Solid effort was being made by all the leaders.  You can see what effort looks like.  Less than 60 seconds before the road rash, ol’ 35 commented to Pub Krull how he wears wrist bands on his forearm/elbow to protect the scrapes…and said wristbands were clean (hadn’t dove for a ball all year).

Final:  SFRC 22 – Ziegler 17

“KENNY!!!!  KENNY!!!!  Keep track of their runs.”

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