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The Rain….Never Came

Moisture in the Air

Moisture in the Air

The forecast looked moist.  The rain was coming down hard, as if to give everything south of the city a shower.  Were the SFRC concerned about having the game called?  Nope.  Why?  Numbers don’t lie.  It wasn’t going to rain and it CERTAINLY wasn’t going to rain enough to call the games.  It turned out to be perfect weather for two.  Per the norm.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Gopher Ballz

Gopher Ballz is one of the better teams in the league as they field and hit very well.  June 17, 2015 was no different.  The fifth infielder got plenty of action and made the plays his way.  Chris20, CHill, Potter and Sans led the way with three hits each.  Unfortunately, the SFRC were only able to push seven runs while Gopher Ballz scored in every inning tallying 15 in the win.  Worth mentioning, Chris20 was only a HR away from hitting for the cycle.  And, with the bases loaded in the sixth, he gave it a whirl.  Unfortunately, the warm air and the slight breeze held the ball in play.

Final:  SFRC 7 – Gopher Ballz 15

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Big Sticks + two clowns

Most of the players making up Big Sticks are good guys.  Good YOUNG boys looking to play softball.  And then there are two clowns.  Without question the two biggest jack-wagons in the league.  Enough about them.  Big Sticks came out swinging and hitting well.  They pushed 11 runs in the first three innings and an additional eight in the fifth inning.  Trailing 23-7 heading into the top of the seventh, the SFRC got their game faces on.  The inning went something like this….Reached on an error, single, walk, single, single, fielder’s choice (with error), error, single, error, double, single, single….In addition to the hits and the runs, the lead jack-wagon must have had six errors trying to catch the ball behind the plate.  It was a melt down of Dustin Johnson US Open proportions.  The SFRC scored 11 runs in the top of the seventh, but ultimately came up short and lost 23-18.

Three things are certain.  First, softball is really fun.  Secondly, Big Sticks has the two biggest idiots in the league…And finally, Idiot #1 almost cost them this game with six errors whilst playing catcher.

Final:  SFRC 18 – Big Sticks 23

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