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2011 Beginning / Sans 50th Birthday

2011 is officially underway.  What better way to celebrate Sans’ 50th birthday than with a double header?  None in this writer’s book.  We have had a few changes to the roster since we last gathered to play an official game almost seven months ago.  The FNG  has moved into a super-sub role…Niehaus has moved West to Sin City….Sans is “on the bench” waiting until the weather warms up.

The rest of the Schlitz Gusto Fighting Red C*ck guys were ready to go.  Fresh of seven months of running SFRCMP hills, watching film and upgrading their equipment, and their equipment.

It’s hard to believe Opening Night 2011 was 62 degrees warmer than it was a few months ago.  That, of course meant it was only 46 degrees and breezy.  Less than ideal, but at least it wasn’t raining and snowing…until after our games were over.

As you can see from the forecast on April 26th, clearly forgot the softball season was starting.  On April 27th, remembered and cleared the skies for the SFRC / SGG doubleheader…and ONLY their double header.  It was still chilly but Mother Nature knows not to mess with the karma that is the Schlitz Gusto Guys playing two every Wednesday evenings (tornadoes or no tornadoes in Prior Lake – see summer of 2007).

Looks like rain...

Check that...SFRC/SGG double dip at 6pm & 7pm

Game #1 vs. H-Bombs

Per the norm, we had a close battle with H-Bombs.  And in line with our previous games from previous years, they tried to counter the SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guys with a squad of nine on the field.  The are a couple certainties in life.  One, the SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guys don’t get rained out (see above).  Another is that we cannot be defended with nine men, especially if the game goes eight innings.  History proves that the former SFRC, now SGG, own the 8th inning (see the 20+ runs scored in the 8th circa 2005).

This game was back and forth with the SGG’s falling into an early hole 6-0 heading into the bottom of the 3rd.  The cold weather took over and made the “nuts” hard.  That enabled ol’ 35 to hit a grand slam to right center scoring Pub Krull, Brain and Cinco.  The defense tightened up a bit allowing only three more runs in the next five innings.  With the score 9-5 in the bottom of 7th inning Lars started a rally by getting on base.  Pub Krull hit a single moving Lars to 2nd.  Brain roped one, unfortunately it was right at the 2nd baseman for an out.  Cinco followed it with a single loading the bases for the least clutch hitter in the history of the Burnsville D/E Recreational league, ol’ #35.  Somehow, someway (luck of the cold) 35 hit another grand slam to tie the game at nine.

“Red” allowed us to play an 8th inning.  We locked H-Bombs down in the top of the 8th and then went to work in the bottom of the inning.  After two harmless outs, Pub Krull hit a single and Brain followed it with a single of his own.  The real Mr. Clutch (a.k.a. “Cinco”) hit a deep ball to right center scoring Pub Krull for the game winner.

Happy birthday Sans, there is your win.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 10 – H-Bombs 9

Last out: Lars

Game #2 vs. Beer Me

Beer Me brought an improved squad to the first night of summer ball in 2011.  There would be no “Snapper Mow’em down inning” to start the game against Beer me this year.  We came out a little flat again, falling behind 10-4 after four innings.  Beer me took advantage of some bad hops and a slippery field to push seven more runs in the bottom of the 6th inning.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys countered with four of their own in the top of the 7th, but it simply wasn’t enough as we suffered our first loss of the season.

On our way to 3rd place Leaders.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 11 – Beer Me 17

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