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Balm (Heat index of 106 degrees)

She was MIGHTY hot and humid in the afternoon.  Around 4pm the“feels like” temperature was 106 degrees in the great SFRCMP area.  According to an official Schlitz Gusto Guy car reading we had a temperature of 94 degrees at 5:15pm and still a balmy 91 degrees at 7:15pm.

The Schlitz Gusto Guys were more than ready to tackle mother nature and her balmy humidity.  Especially considering the wind was not blowing.

There are a couple of things we know for certain.

  1. The Schlitz Gusto Guys bring their best effort when the balm is “a-plenty” and thick
  2. Numbers don’t lie

NOTE: We have a new feature on  It’s the poll to the right.  This week’s poll is a vote for “Top Play of the Night.”

Game #1 vs. Celts Pub

It actually didn’t feel as humid down in the valley known as SFRCMP (Skyline Fighting Red C Memorial Park) as it had been throughout the late afternoon.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys were consistent throughout the game building an early lead, fighting off a rally by Celts Pub, increasing their lead and finally putting an end to the Celts Pub rallies.  Everyone hit well and hit when it mattered.  Potter made a GREAT diving catch charging a ball in left-center (top play nominee – see voting on the right).  On the night of the 2010 ESPYs, Potter made an early bid for “Play of the Year, 2011.”

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 18 – Celts Pub 9

Last out: Sans

Game #2 vs. Beer Me

Beer Me hits the ball well.  They started off the top of the 1st doing just that….hitting the ball well.  They had quite a few runners, but managed to score only two runs.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys must have left their sticks at SFRCMP Field B because we were getting “no-hit” until the 3rd inning.  Trailing 6-0 the Schlitz Gusto Guys pulled it together and got on the board with two runs.  At this point Beer Me lost their focus.  They started trying to figure out which guys were going to play in Fall League and who was going to play next summer.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys are nothing, if not focused on the job at hand.  We deal with this type of conversation after the games over an ice cold Schlitz Tallboy.  If the Schlitz Gusto Guys can hang their hat on one thing, it’s winning the mental game week in and week out.  This night was no different.  Defensively we gave up another run (on a play the ump never saw – the ball went in the dugout and came right back out – being the honest Schlitz Gusto Guys that we are, we admitted the play and it scored a run).  We came back to score a few of our own to close the gap 8-5.  In the bottom of the 4th with runners and 1st and 2nd with no outs, a ground ball was hit to the Gusto Guy shortstop.  The runner on second froze and didn’t leave the bag.  #35 tagged the runner, stepped on second and threw to first for a TRIPLE PLAY (top play nominee – see voting on the right).  But wait….It was a bang bang play and the ump called him safe.  Really?  Can you call the runner safe in that situation?  We were just honest on a play the ump never saw the inning before.  The ump really can’t give us, and the triple play, the benefit of the doubt?  The very next batter hit a ball that somehow found #35’s glove on a diving play in short left field (top play nominee – see voting on the right).  In the words of Rasheed Wallace, “The ball don’t lie.” We came back in the top of the 6th defensively with another double-play as Pub Krull scooped up a hard ground ball and calmly stepped on 1st and threw it home where Cinco made the catch and tag (top play nominee – see voting on the right).  Celebrating the double-play the Schlitz Gusto Guys ran into to the bottom of the 6th as the mighty Sans yelled out, “We need four to take the lead!”  Again, this is how the Schlitz Gusto Guys win the mental game.  Never, under any circumstances, would you hear “we need three to tie” out of a Gusto Guy dugout.  And with that call, the middle and bottom of the SGG lineup lit up the scorebook for four impressive runs taking a 9-8 lead.  We held on defensively for the win.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 9 – Beer Me 8

Last out: Kurty

Fan of the night: Patsy and friend and the “double horn.”

As a reminder, the annual “Processed Food Night” will happen on “South Beach” Lac Lavon on July 21st immediately after our second game (roughly 8pm).  Please see the BBQ tab for a roster of what to bring.


Sans from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

2’s from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Pauly from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Silkey from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

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