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Si Cinco! (Oops)

Wednesday July 7th brought a series of weather changes.  In the early hours, the sun was out and it was plenty warm for the Schlitz Gusto Guy breakfast batting practice.  By late afternoon the clouds had rolled in over the south metro.  By 5pm there was a monsoon dumping rain over Burnsville.

However, as only the Schlitz Gusto Guy Gods would have it, by 5:45pm (15 minutes before first pitch), the rain lightened up and by 5:50pm the rain had completely stopped.  We had a full night of perfectly balmy, plenty warm, humid weather.  As it turns out, a perfect night for two!  And a perfect night to give the lineup that includes Greg, Greg, Greg a try.  Success!

If the FNG ever sends pictures, we’ll add them to this post.

Game #1 vs. Team Ziegler

In an effort to either intimidate us or show us up, Team Ziegler fielded eight players against the Schlitz Gusto Guys.  They were scrappy and well placed, holding us to only a handful of runs in the first few innings.  When a ninth man showed up, it threw off the defense and the Schlitz Gusto Guys had their way with the gaps.  We had decent runs with two outs in a couple of innings and locked down the defense with a few great plays.  Pauly went WAY back to make a catch in deep left field and Matty covered some ground and caught a ball in short left.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 17 – Team Ziegler 7

Last out: Lars

Game #2 vs. Moose Knucklers

Moose Knucklers were in first place heading into the 7pm game against the Schlitz Gusto Guys.  They are a team that hits the ball well on most nights.  Unfortunately for Moose Knucklers, Destiny made a trip for this game and Sans was escorting her to the 7th inning.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys found some timely hits as Silkey and Mac beat the left fielder deep and Lars hit a shot to the gap between left and left-center.  We locked down the defense too as only one error was committed and that was on a lazy infield fly with two leaders calling for the ball.  As it turned out, no damage was done and the shutout continued into the bottom of the seventh inning.  Sans threw the ball well all night.  The first batter in the bottom of the 7th got out quickly.  And then, with the Moose Knucklers best hitter at the plate and one out and Destiny sitting on the right shoulder of Sans to get a great view of the shutout in progress…..Sans throws a great softball pitch….short and in front of the plate.  Unfortunately, the batter is a very good hitter and extended his arms looking to break up the shutout.  The ball carried and carried and carried and….homerun for the Moos Knucklers.  The next two outs were uneventful and the Schlitz Gusto Guys won.  Unfortunately, we lost the shutout in the bottom of the 7th.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 8 – Moose Knucklers 1

Last out: Matty

Fan of the night: Destiny (at least for 19 outs before she left early on a HR)

OOPS: As the Schlitz Gusto Guys scouted the other teams after their games were done, the right fielder on an opposing team “caught” 10+ guys staring.  There was a rumor that one Schlitz Gusto Guy was even trying to put some of the film into the permanent archives.  This has been unproven to this point.

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