Opening Night

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Quick Recaps

I missed a week or two of updates. Some of the highlights missed can be found on the Quotes page, others include: • An “almost” triple play. Probably the second closest the Schlitz Gusto Guys have ever come to turning a triple play (remember a play at the plate in Game #1 circa 2009).

• We were held hitless until the 5th inning before getting the bats going (still lost).

• The ump was unsure if there were one or two outs.

• We had a situation in the base path in both Game #1 and Game #2 (not surprisingly #35 was involved in both).

• We had loons calling at Lac Lavon (an unofficial first for the Schlitz Gusto Guys).

• Most importantly, we had eight “leaders” still at the park 4.5 hours after first pitch, with an average age of 43.

• We beat Televant DTN 12-2.

• We beat H-Bombs (without their new uniforms) 7-6.

• We lost to Beer Me 7-9.

• We beat Edina Realty BCO 11-9 (on a game-saving catch by Pub Krull).

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