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Catch Up in Pursuit of 3rd Place

The author admits fault in a lack of updates. Life happens. You know what else happens? The SFRC don’t stop playing. The SFRC don’t stop competing. The quotes don’t stop getting logged. A few highlights over the past few weeks as life has happened….

Down 1 in the top of the 7th, Lars hit a […]

The Ol’ “It’s Always Fun to Come from Behind” Night

Moisture coming

The forecast didn’t look good. There was plenty of moisture making it’s way over most of the metro area. Not just a little drizzle, but a full on downpour was making its way over Burnsville. Yes, you read that correctly. A full on legitimate downpour was heading towards SFRCMP. Unthinkable I know. […]

Quick Recaps

I missed a week or two of updates. Some of the highlights missed can be found on the Quotes page, others include: • An “almost” triple play. Probably the second closest the Schlitz Gusto Guys have ever come to turning a triple play (remember a play at the plate in Game #1 circa 2009).

• […]