Opening Night

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The Streak Ended

The table was set.  It was Mrs. H out at 8pm.  Roughly 67 degrees and partly cloudy, which obviously means, mostly clear.  We received late warning from Cinco that he had a higher priority than Schlitz Gusto Guy softball on this night.  After calling AAA Las Vegas (Niehaus) and getting shutout before finally securing a 10th leader, we allowed Cinco to take his wife to the hospital (since she was in labor).

The SFRCGG were carrying a five game losing streak into this game, and that is simply unheard of in our world.  We have been shutout a time or two, but we have never endured a five game losing streak.

Game #1 vs. Midwest Realty Group

Brain climbed on the bump to continue filling in admirably for Sans who is still out with a bum wing.  We fell behind early 4-0 in the first.  2’s scored the first run for the SFRCGG in the 3rd inning leading to a 6-1 deficit.  The bad guys found green all night and we just couldn’t lock them down.  We managed to push three runs in the bottom of the 6th inning, including Matty trying to make things happen by running right over second base on his way to third.  After a brief conversation with Brain, who was also standing on third, Brain headed home to score.  It simply was not enough as the Schlitz Gusto Guys suffered their sixth straight loss.

The highlight of this game was clearly CW’s back to back triples to straight away deep center.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 4 – Midwest Realty Group 15

Last out: Lars

Game #2 vs. Beer Me

“Beer Me” is the same team name on the same field we first faced them last year.  However, this is a very different squad than the one who started the game last year with three straight strikeouts.  The 2011 version of “Beer Me” can hit the ball fairly well.  However, there are a few certainties in life, but one of them is that the SFRCGG will, under no circumstances, lose seven straight games.  Everyone hit well and we had a number of clutch two out hits.

Speaking of clutch…No one is more clutch than Pub Krull who started the game with a line drive homerun.  That was one of four runs Pub Krull scored and one of two homeruns he had in the game.  I could almost see the size of his head change during the night.  Not because of arrogance, but rather all of the HGH and other PED he had been ingesting (see Barry Bonds).

The hit parade was on all night as the SFRCGG were simply ready to outscore anyone, including Beer Me.

Pub Krull scored four runs, as did 35.  Veteran Ryan and Lars touched the plate three times.  Brain, Matty, Pauly and 2’s crossed twice and FNG Ryan scored once.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 23 – Beer Me 14

Last out: 2’s

Play of the Game: Pauly made a diving catch in left

Fan of the Night: Kurty, Ol’ #4

At 11:00pm the SFRCGG could still field a team (per the norm) to play a third game if we only had lights and an opponent.

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