Opening Night

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The Night of the Horn

Game #1 vs. Ziegler

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 18 – Ziegler 20

Ziegler started out hitting the ball very well scoring 11 runs in the top of the 1st inning.  As is the case in many of the SFRC games, we’ll bend, but we will not break.  We answered with 13 runs of our own in the bottom of the 1st inning.  After that, the defense of both teams locked it down.  A few runs were scored by both teams and with two outs in the bottom of the 7th with two on, trailing by two runs Ol’ #35 walked to the plate.  No need to finish reading, we know what happened….He got out.  Clutch.

Last out: Mr. Clutch (#35)

Game #2 vs. Goodfellas

Less than six minutes after the SFRC lost to Zielger, Ol’ #35 walked to the plate with a similar, but very different, situation.  Two on, two outs in the top of the first.  What happened?  #35 hit a HR.  Again, clutch.  When the SFRC need a big hit in a scoreless first inning game, nobody is better than #35.  This game saw all kinds of things a softball field has never seen.  We saw the “Lars shift,” which is simply moving the shortstop about 50 feet back so he is playing a shallow left field whilst the left fielder and left-center fielder pinch together.  Only to see Lars stick it to them as seen here:

Lars beats the shift from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

We had the opposing team yelling at Patsy for blowing her horn.  Patsy, don’t give in to the bullies.  In my opinion, they were yelling at the wrong things.  Their team was down by a lot and they were booting balls and not getting hits.  Somehow they blamed Patsy.   This game also saw a very pretty / “make it look routine” double-play with Kurty scooping the ground ball, stepping on second and tossing to Cinco at first.  Get a look:

Kurty Double Play from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 24– Goodfellas 6 (and Patsy won the mental game)

Last out: Cinco

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