Opening Night

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Five Straight

I believe the SGG have accomplished something the SFRC never did.  They have rattled off five straight losses.  We are venturing into new territory now.  The weather is starting to warm up and the SFRCGG have always been a better warm weather team than a cool weather team.  See the National “Usually Blessed Sometimes Cursed” tournament in the July of ’02.  Compare that to the “Everyone is good except your shortstop” tournament in the 36 degree April weekend in ’03.  Numbers don’t lie.

Game 1 vs. Celts

The SFRCGG’s came up firing batting around and scoring five in the first inning.  We fell flat for a couple innings before scoring another five in the 4th inning.  We had our chances, we did what needed to be done…at least for six innings.  We came close, but in the end, we just didn’t have enough losing by one in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Final score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 13 – Celts 14

Last out: Brain

Game #2 vs. Eddy’s Bar & Grill

It was time for the bats to fall flat.  After averaging 14.8 runs per game over the first five games, the SFRCGG could only muster six runs (three by Pub Krull) against Eddy’s Bar & Grill.  There simply were not too many highlights in this game.  It’s time to forget this happened and look forward to next week.

Final Score: SCHLITZ GUSTO GUYS 6 – Eddy’s Bar & Grill 20

Last out: Matty

Fans of the game: Pub Krull Jr. and Nate Jr. (good job retrieving the homerun ball)

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