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August 24, 2023 – Recap

In a thrilling softball double-header, SKYLINE, a team of LEADERS, demonstrated their prowess on the field. The first game was a triumph, with SKYLINE asserting their dominance early by scoring an impressive six runs in the opening inning. Their momentum continued, and the 4th inning showcased their strength with another nine runs, including a remarkable lead-off home run by player #35. The final score of 20-12 solidified their well-deserved victory.

In the second game, SKYLINE faced a formidable opponent whose pitcher showcased an arsenal of impressive curveballs. Despite their best efforts, our team fell short, experiencing a 20-8 loss.

Amidst the action, a standout moment occurred when c64 executed a remarkable stretch to scoop a ball without even looking – a play that captured the essence of teamwork and determination.

The games unfolded on a beautiful weather night, providing the perfect backdrop for the intense competition and camaraderie on display. It’s important to note that Kenny, a key player, was absent for both games, which could have had an influence on the team dynamics and outcomes

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