Opening Night

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“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

The cool air was blowing in on Lac Lavon Field B.  The SFRC have never had great results when the wind is blowing in the face of the batter.  It was, however, sunny.  There were 12 leaders ready to take on two games in the cool temperatures.  This was the first games of the year for Pub Krull and Matty.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Burnsville Braves

The Burnsville Braves are a group of young kids and a couple of their fathers.  Cheers to the Burnsville Braves.  For the second week in a row, the SFRC started the game on fire.  Walk, single, single, single, 3-run homerun.  That resulted in a quick five run lead.  The Burnsville Braves rallied with three in the second.  The leaders of Skyline answered with three of their own.  It was back and forth with neither team taking more than a 5-6 run lead.  With a 10-6 lead and the Burnsville Braves best hitter at the plate with the bases loaded, Al calmly baited him in to a pop out to very short left-center.  No harm.

There was some solid hitting with C20, 35 and Kenny each scoring two runs and Pete scoring three runs.  CHill the body builder continued his hot streak including a 3-run homerun in the first.  Kenny added a grandslam in the 3rd inning.  They are huge, and hit the ball far too.

We must not have left many leaders on base as there were five (of 12) leaders who only had two at-bats in this game.

Final Score:  SFRC 10 – Burnsville Braves 7

Lars on the AttackGame 2:  SFRC vs. ShantyTown Thunder Stix

The 9pm game on May 12 was fairly cool, but the wind was still blowing in the face of the men with sticks, and the guys batting as well.  First innings have been kind and valuable to the SFRC.  Game 2 was no different.  Out, walk, hit, 3-run homerun, homerun.  a quick 4-0 lead.  We improved in the second inning batting 11 and scoring six.  After a couple of pedestrian innings, the SFRC exploded for 15 runs.  These runs were not scored on errors and weak hits.  These were solid knocks all over the park.  The ShantyTown Thunder Stix moved to five infielders and the SFRC still found holes, as they are wont to do (many hits too).  We couldn’t get out and again, it was not due to errors.  We hit so well that two outs during the game came from homeruns after we had already hit two.

Some highlights include:

  • Pete scored five runs
  • CHill 5-5 with a homerun
  • Kenny 3-4 with a homerun and a homerun for an out (5 RBI)
  • 35 was 5-5
  • Matty hit a homerun for an out
  • Lars was roping the ball everywhere for three hits
  • Pauly was lining the ball all over the place
  • Brain was showing range in the field
  • c20 moved around the infield and beat-up the softball
  • Potter scored a pair
  • Sans was 3-4
  • Pub Krull got the season going with three solid hits, including a 298 foot single to right-center

This was not just a game full of “Participation Awards.”  Rather, the fact is every single leader played well.  We didn’t boot many balls and everyone hit.  We scored 29 runs and somewhere forgot to report one of the runs to the ump.

Final Score:  SFRC 29 (+1) – ShantyTown Thunder Stix 7

“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

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