Opening Night

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Step Towards 3rd Place

It was Mrs. H.  The sun was out, the air was nice.  Beautiful night for two.  May 19, 2016 is still before Memorial Day.  Numbers don’t lie.  It was bound to happen.  We had to start making our way to 3rd place.  The 6pm game was our first step there.

Game 1:  Jeeper Low Boys vs. SFRC

The SFRC started the game a bit on their heels and gave up five runs to start the game.  We didn’t roll over and quit, rather we answered with two of our own.  We continued our hot streak to start the game.  Single, double, single, FC, F8, single.  The issue was that run were hard to come by throughout this game.  The SFRC ultimately lost.

Final Score:  Jeeper Low Boys 14 – SFRC 7

Game 2: SFRC vs. Sick SOP

After losing the first, we could not let the team stay down for long.  The hits came in bunches.  This was especially true in the second inning when Matty led off with a double.  After a couple of quick outs Potter started a run that went: Potter = Single, Sans = Single, C20 = Single, Pete = Double, 35 = HR, CHill = Triple, Pub Krull = Single, Matty = Triple.  Eventually the run came to an end, but not until the SFRC pushed eight runs to take an 8-5 lead.  Sick SOP could only push one in the bottom of the second and the SFRC answered with another five runs.  Sick SOP did what they could (hit it to third base and by 35 at least four times), but it was not enough.  The SFRC held tough and took the W.

Final Score:  SFRC 17 – Sick SOP 12

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