Opening Night

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2018 Underway

The 2018 SFRC softball season was delayed by one week due to “poor field conditions” as determined by the official Senior Manager of Southwest District Field Conditions. That may have been for the best as it has enabled the Skyline Fighting Red C’s to play on May 24, 2018. Note: We were not able to […]

It Just Wasn’t in the Cards

Another great night for TWO! The wind was swirling with gusts up to 20mph according to weather center. The FRC were without Sans, fresh off his completed Master’s degree vacationing somewhere in the South. We were also without “Cinco,” who was tending to “Poco Cinco.” On a positive note […]

June 18 (1-1)

Gorgeous night for two! Upper 70’s, mostly sunny. Slight breeze blowing in from the north (on Lac Lavon Field F that is blowing in from left field).

Game 1 vs. Old Chicago (7th Place)

We had a few late shows for opening pitch of Game #1. We can blame that on SAP I hear. […]