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June 18 (1-1)

Gorgeous night for two!  Upper 70’s, mostly sunny.  Slight breeze blowing in from the north (on Lac Lavon Field F that is blowing in from left field).

Game 1 vs. Old Chicago (7th Place)

We had a few late shows for opening pitch of Game #1.  We can blame that on SAP I hear.  Old Chicago brought a slightly different squad with them than the one the FRC’s had seen before.  We didn’t have significant film on the full lineup and it showed.  The sun was shining directly in CW’s face and the batters knew it.  Three straight deep balls to right-center.  It was impossible to get a jump on the ball.  After allowing three runs in the top half of the first, the SFRC hung tough.  We never had a breakout inning and the ball felt like a moist bag all night. 

In the end it was an 8-6 game in the bottom of the 7th.  Big Mike was on with two outs and 3-5 at the dish.  Mr. Clutch weakly fouled one off to the right of first base in a brutal attempt to go to right field.  On the next pitch Mr. Clutch (previous defined as first inning, up 14 runs, nothing on the line) hit an F8 to end the game.  The third game ending AB of this season for 3-5. 

SFRC lost 8-6.  Thanks Mr. Clutch.

Game 2 vs. Lucky’s 13 / La Fondas (6th Place)

Everybody’s favorite pitcher was on the bump for the opposition.  Two weeks ago the FRC got in his head and toyed with him all night on their way to a 20-13 win.  June 18th’s game didn’t have the same run production.  We had Pub Krull taking advantage of the extra time in the film room for most of the game stealing hits left and right.  Sans kept the pace of the game quick.  The FRC did manage to push 12 runs and allowed mostly bloop hits.  Many of those hits should have been tracked down by a shortstop with any kind of range.  The ump was clearly on our side as Mr. B/Pitcher was mouthing off all game.  This resulted in a few gift calls.

In the end, the FRC won 12-5, but the key play of the game was Sans throwing his, as Big Mike phrased, “offspeed pitch” to strike out Mr. B/Pitcher.  Love it.  Do you think they have a website? 

Last out (owing beverages next week):

Game 1 =35 on a game ending F8 with the game on the line

Game 2 = little jc on a forceout at second

Night: Just a gorgeous night for two games.  The Miracle Whip cooler made a return (along with two other coolers AND ice!!!).  The FRC went 1-1 on the evening.  JoAnn was the fan of the game, yet again, and stuck it out afterwards for some refreshments.  “little jc” had it going all night, as did Sans.  I believe Sans only got out once at the plate.  Of course he was forced out at two on a single (make that a fielders choice) to left field.

Flashback of the evening: “Hey Red, you mean NOTHING to me!”

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