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June 11th (2-0)

It didn’t look like it was going to happen for much of the day.  The rain was coming down aggressively all day.  But the FRC were going to play.  It wasn’t going to rain on their parade.  Not on His watch.  It went from raining, windy and cool at 5:45pm to no rain, calm and plenty humid by 6:01pm.  A good night for TWO!  A good night for BALM.

Game 1 vs. Bumpers (2nd place)

The post Memorial Day SFRC’s had their sticks ready.  Lots of hits and lots of runs with two outs.  The game was back and forth with the FRC holding a lead the entire game.  The lineup was solid all the way through.  Pub Krull hit his third double of the year and He created some runs.  The FRC were not given too many outs, the ball was just hit hard all over the field.  A big win for the FRC.  Final = 18-14, I believe.  Let’s hope “skin & play’s” arm is okay.  The last toss of the game for him looked painful.

And remember, nobody, at any level, hits more clutch HRs than 3-5.  And to be clear, we are defining clutch as “first inning,” “up 14 runs,” “nothing on the line,” etc. 

Game 2 vs. H-Bombs (3rd place)

With the sun doing very little to keep the field lit and the City of Burnsville saving money on electricity by not activating the lights until 7:59pm, it was dark.  “Like nightime in Alaska” as 2’s put it.  But the darkness didn’t stop the FRC bats.  More hits with no outs, one out and two outs.  More runs consistently.  The Brain had a bounty on the pitcher, which their 2-bag did not appreciate.  When the second baseman shifted over second base after four hits up the middle, Brain calmly placed it where the second baseman should have been playing, for another hit.  Clearly the H-Bombs do not spend enough time in the film room.  That has revolutionized the FRC defense over the past few years.  Anymore, if you want to compete in the Burnsville D/E Recreational league, you need to invest in the technology to watch film in January.  This was evident by Krull’s catch in short right-center, Brain’s game ending grab at third and the line drive caught at short.  Those plays were made in January….’06.  They were just executed last night. 

NOTE: Worth mentioning we missed Lars and the Miracle Whip cooler.  We had three FRC’s bring refreshments and nary an ice cube between them. 

ALSO WORTH NOTING: We are 3-0 without the MWC (Miracle Whip cooler) present.  Personally, 3-5 will take the .500 record with MWC onsite vs. the 3-0 record without the MWC every day of the week, and twice on Wednesday. 

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  • SFRC Film room manager

    No lights not only saves the electrical bill for City o’ Burnsville but also on the insurance bill as no FRC players took any off the noggin. See you all in the film room this week!

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