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June 4th Recap

The SFRC checked the calendar, noticed it was post-Memorial Day and got after it in Game 1.  Hits came with no outs, hits came with one out and, in typical PMD (post-Memorial Day) fashion for the FRC, hits came with two outs.  Even Walt couldn’t get us to stop hitting.  The starting pitcher for Lucky 13’s / LaFonda’s tried to pull out all of the junk early in the game.  Knuckle balls, pitches with back spin, standing and throwing from the side of the mound, fake pitching, etc. were all thrown to the PMDSFRC (post-Memorial Day Skyline Fighting Red C’s).  Per the norm, the FRC’s just swung away.  Hit after hit after hit.  There weren’t too batters that reached base on errors.  Most of the base runners had legitimate hits.  There were some winded base-runners throughout the game.  With Kurt up and Sans at first, #4 hit a shot down the left-field line.  Sans started motoring and kept going.  CP made a good point, I think #0 thought Walt and the FRC bench was yelling “Fall Ball,” in reference to having our coach and manager sign us up for the fall league.  Really, we were really FOUL ball.  Easy mistake.  In the end the FRC tallied 27 runs and won on the 15-run rule 27-10, I believe.

Game 2 vs. Varmit’s didn’t go as well.  The sun came out and Lars showed up.  After scoring 27 runs in the first game, the FRC only managed four in the second game.  The FRC never play VP very well.  It may have to do with the fact that we are a high energy, high paced team.  The VP does everything in slow motion.  The FRC took it on the chin and lost 5-4.  We don’t blame Lars though.  Anytime the Miracle Whip cooler is in hand, Lars is welcome.  Take care of those ribs!

Overall it was a gorgeous night for two.  Some may say it was “Mrs. H” out.

NOTE: If you are wondering where “Mrs. H” comes from…It is the introduction to the old TV show “Heart to Heart.”  The Opening Narrative…”This is my boss, Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire.  He’s quite a guy.  This is Mrs. H, she’s gorgeous. What a terrivic lady.  By the way, my name’s Max.  I take care of ’em, which ain’t easy, ’cause their hobby is murder.”

You can watch it here:

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